What's so good about Trishtan? (Game Faqs)

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What's so good about Trishtan? (Game Faqs)

Postby Templeton » Wed Aug 15, 2007 2:11 pm

Posted 7/24/2007 9:15:23 PM
message detail seems like a lot of people like him. but I don't see what makes him so good. I heard he has good speed stats, but that doesn't really help in battle especially w/ low attack, does it?

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black murasame63
Posted 7/25/2007 12:37:23 AM
message detail Trishtan is one of the early tank characters in the game. He's usefulness also comes in by mounting the Kangacorn. His defense and his attack gets a significant increase.
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Posted 7/25/2007 7:01:27 AM
message detail he's impressive because he starts at a level that is probably significantly higher than your other characters. he loses a lot of steam later.
Posted 7/25/2007 11:43:59 PM
message detail So the stat increase when mounting a kangacorn isn't uniform... i mean everyone (that can mount) gets different amount of stat increase when mounting a kangacorn?

Never really paid attention to that. XD

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Posted 7/26/2007 6:30:49 AM
message detail mount stat boosts are percentage based, so if you already excel in PDF, it boosts it a lot more than someone with low PDF using a mount.

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Re: What's so good about Trishtan? (Game Faqs)

Postby KFCrispy » Thu Aug 16, 2007 7:34 am

again, Suikoden Tactics, and there are already discussions about Trishtan.

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