Suikogaiden Fan Translation Question

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Suikogaiden Fan Translation Question

Postby Kirkis » Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:56 pm

I figured this was my next best bet to inquire about this next to the actual Fan Translation forums (which seems pretty dead.)

I planned on loading this guy onto my PSP, but I was curious if anybody has tried this before? I'm not asking on details on HOW to do it btw. I'm only wondering about Save Data Transfer. I know Suikogaiden asks for a Suikoden 2 file, most likely to get the details of what you named your heroes and castles, and I also know that Suikogaiden 1 transfers data to Suikogaiden 2.

I've been told that Suikogaiden 1 will create a save file, and I'm assuming that Suikogaiden 2 can just load that save file right up from the PSP (may need to move a save file or two possibly, but it doesn't seem difficult.)

So, let's say I don't have a Suikoden 2 save, or... if I do, it's on a Dex Drive file that I was probably using with Windows 98 and most likely won't be able to extract/download/use on my PSP. If I don't import Save Data to Suikogaiden 1, am I missing out on anything? Do they just refer to the characters by Tir and Riou and whatever the default castle/army names are? (I'm totally fine with that, a few custom names isn't worth what will probably be hours of hassle.)


Has anyone imported Suikoden 2 files into Suikogaiden 1? What are the things it effects? If it's character names, do they just their default canon names if you don't import?

EDIT: Would've helped if I looked at the stickies. Leaving my post intact for public shaming. Also, in case anything I asked isn't answered in those stickies (like questions directly relating to PSP play.)
- Kirkis

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