Suikogaiden vol.1 CG 134 ("Secret points" ending CG) guide!

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Suikogaiden vol.1 CG 134 ("Secret points" ending CG) guide!

Postby Ramza » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:37 pm

The flow chart is helpful for building this, but it turns out there is a VERY narrow balancing act as to how to obtain this one. You can't make a single wrong decision in chapter 1 to set yourself up to have the exact right amount of Luck, Popularity, and Secret points going into chapter 2. You need 6 secret points to get this CG, and lo and behold, there are only 6 secret points in the whole game! So you have to go after every one.

(There's also a "Secret -1" for meeting with Clive, but you have to avoid him *anyway* to meet with Annallee and comment that she's from Harmonia to get a Secret +1).

So I wanted to post this little guide I wrote up for myself. This was the single hardest CG for me to get ... also, the last CG for me to get.


1.1 "Old bat!" (Luck +1)
1.2 "kind of cute" (Popularity +1)
1.3 "If you say so" (Popularity +1)
1.4 "Counting on you then" (Popularity +1)
1.5 Flip Bathtub
1.6 "Old bat!" (Luck +1, Popularity -1)
1.7 Use talisman (Luck +1)
1.11 "Rely on the swords on my back" (Luck -1, Secret +1)
1.12 "I just don't like your attitude!" (Secret +1)
Chapter end grants Luck +1

CH1 ends with Luck 3, Popularity 2, Secret 2

2.1 "My name's Nash Latkje" (Luck -1, Secret +1, Popularity +1)
Unmissable Luck +1 when Viktor hits you
2.2 "main street" (Luck -3, need Secret from Annallee, need population 3 or higher)
2.3 "From Harmonia" (Secret +1)
2.7 "Not polite" (Secret +1)

CH2 ends with Luck ? (doesn't matter), Secret 5

3.3B "Pretend to give up..." (Secret +1)
Don't bother spending luck anywhere.

CH3 ends with Luck 1 or more, Secret 6

CH4 -- don't meet with Jude at the beginning to get Luck 2 or higher, get Kahn or Stallion, head to true ending

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