[Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Hawk » Fri Jun 15, 2007 4:25 pm

I found that I really appreciated the Trinity system, in particular for a game in the Suikoden series, because of the large number of characters. When I played the first game, there were a lot of characters I really liked, but because of the length of the game and the fact I could only use five of them, I never really used many of them at all.

Having certain characters tied to a specific point of view allowed me a greater appreciation for those individuals, through their relationships with the main characters. I wouldn't have used Sgt Joe, for instance, if he wasn't a necessary part of Hugo's party at some points. (I have a duck character prejudice. Sorry. >.>') In the end, though, I ended up liking him. There was a sense of closeness in Geddoe's party, a real feeling that they had their own life outside of the story's plot. Although Chris's party seemed like they had no life outside of her...

I was almost sad, once I reached the point in the story where you pick your Flame Champion, because I knew the way the story was presented was going to return to a more traditional approach. (I was wrong, though, because the three points of views were still used quite a bit.)

Luc's point of view, after beating the game, was probably one of the best things about it. Not because I was a huge Luc fangirl or anything (I just remember him as a character who died a lot in the first game and I was never really attached to him.), but because it gave me the satisfaction of using the boss characters that beat up my party so often. =x It probably wouldn't have been so effective an add-on if there hadn't been so many unwinnable fights. It was also nice to see how the enemy party member interacted with each other. Sarah and Yuber contrasted each other well, in particular, but all four of them worked well together, as they were all of them very different people who had differing goals.

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Leon481 » Wed Jun 20, 2007 6:38 am

The only thing that bugged me about this game was some of the poor event planning.

First, there's the way that characters appeared at the castle outside of the recruitment timeline. It's a small thing gameplay-wise, but it's a big inconsistency story-wise.

Second are the inconsistencies leading into, and during the beginning of, chapter 4. At the end of the chapter threes, all three parties should have met somewhere in the FC Hideaway. What happened to the other parties and what happened to the optional party members? Then in chapter 4, several characters that are present, and should be fighting, just don't. Most notably are Hugo and Sgt. Joe who specifically say they are going to join the battle but never appear. As well as those optional recruits, and Fred, that have the ability to fight and can be put into your party during that scenario.

The only other instance is in chapter 5 when the Lu Buque recruits show up for the Brass Castle war battle before they technically arrived.

All these can be considered small things, but show inexcusable sloppiness on the part of the development team. That's the thing that really bugs me.


Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Ezethrell » Tue Jul 03, 2007 2:50 pm

all i say for Suikoden lll, is Thank you all mighty Rune Gods for Creating THEE Emily, oh how she rocks my world, Juan is so lucky and hes lazier than me!!!

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Silver Dragon Flik » Mon Aug 13, 2007 12:38 am

I haven't played Suikoden III but watched the story on youtube. It really seems that Europe missed one of the best Suikodens... The villain was pretty good, it gave more depth into how he felt. In the previous Suikodens you didn't hear much from him after he joined.

The trinity system is really great and I hope they will use it again for S6. It gives more chance to use moreof the 108 stars. The story was pretty good too, not as epic as 2 but it is really good. And I like that the main characters talk more, they should have kept that in 4 and 5.

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Jam-Jul Lison » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:49 pm

I enjoyed Suikoden III and the story was good, but it was a little rushed. The time it takes to play the game is not to short, but that is only because of the Trinity system. Also I do not care for the fact that their runes seem to be a almost full power when you get them. All the previous games dictate that it takes time for the user to be able to grasp the power of the rune. Yet both Hugo and Chris seem to be able to use just about all of it's power. At least in regular battles that is. Geddoe I would expect to be able to use all of it, but not Hugo and Chris. I have played 1, 2, 3 and 4. 3 and 4 rank at the bottom of my favorites. While 2 is at the top of my list and 1 is right below that.


Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby KingCajete » Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:05 pm

I've played S1, S2, and S3... heard the negatives about 4, tried it anyway... didn't like it (story line sucked). I'm planning on geting 5 really soon. Anyway, with that being said, I'm a huge fan of the series.

Suikoden III didn't do it for me. Storywise it was entertaining and teasing enough to keep you playing, however, it didn't strike that emotional core that S2 and S1 did so well . The trinity system was complete garbage... I admire the fact that Konami tried to get "in depth" by allowing you to follow through all the perspectives but in the end it just feels "incomplete". The trinity system doesn't let you focus on you H.Q. as much as I hoped for. This deducts from the game in a major factor because that's what Suikoden is about, gathering the 108, focusing on the castle and the rebelious plot. Now that I think about it... I can't even remember what the story was about. Flame Champion this and that, blah blah blah. Boooooooring. Anywho, The menu art, runes, and battle system was the begining of the overhaul and by what I've seen, its been greatly perfected in 5.The music was nice... How ever IMO, Suiko 2 and 1 has the best OST of the series. Suikoden needs to bring back the old school characters and stun. It's just not doing that anymore. I want to see Flik or Victor in "Suikoden 6" and by like "OH! CRAP! HAHA Bear and Blue Thunder!!! YEEEAAAA".

Maybe I'm just to old school... 3 was bad. Big let down. =(

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Author » Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:58 am

Suikoden III definitely needed voice actors. That's all.

Well, I never played it but watched it, but here are my comments.

First of, the graphics were bad. Not awful, but bad in its 3-D way. Fortunately, I got used to it. The graphics weren't so bad during battles and wars--I commend this part. There were all very enjoyable as I watch. You really get to use the SoDs and have to train them, haha. I didn't like the fact that you can't move around in war battle anymore, but heh.

Suikoden III revealed a lot of plotness that's why it needed voice actors. Luc is the worst villain in Suikoden III, to be honest, but I'm glad they were still part of SoDs. Why is he the worst? Well, his reasons just don't make me as sad as Jowy's reasons. Sasarai however...

I don't know if the replay would be good but Suikoden III is still a great RPG. Albert is among my favorite strategists. He intrigues me. Thomas is another interesting thing.

Compared to the manga though, the manga was way better, but I think we all agree on that.

Oh and the music is awesome, especially the opening sequence :P

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Runemaster » Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:47 am

Yep, voice actors! The game's pretty silent till it gets boring. I don't know but the BMG music seem to sound old or something.. But I love the music of the Duck Village!

Author, you're right about its graphics.
I will bring Lordlake's fate... to the entire Suikoden World! weeeeeeh!


Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby brentie » Sat Aug 09, 2008 4:07 am

Ok, whatever you say.

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby donutbandit » Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:45 am

I find voice actors in a video game a big turn off. Fantasy games are supposed to be just that. I don't want someone telling me "this is how this character sounds" when the way they think the character should sound doesn't agree with my POV at all. In fact, I've put games down because of bad voice acting.

It looks like this game has a lot of replay value. There's no way you can get all of it the first time through. Anyway, the first time you play a game, it's supposed to be about the first time experience, not being anal about completionism. I'm sure enjoying it.

I found the hard battles a turn off at first, but now I like them. Except for grinding on random encounters. These battles make you think, maybe even sometimes lose, go back, regroup, level up some more, and try again. It took me several tries to beat the True Water Dragon. It felt so much more the better when I finally did.

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Re: Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Oppenheimer » Tue Jan 20, 2009 11:11 am

brentie wrote:Ok, whatever you say.

That's really not helpful. If you're not going to say anything, don't post please.

I find voice actors in a video game a big turn off.
I enjoy voice acting if it's done well. But, I think it's partially because I've grown lazy. Reading walls of text is too much work nowadays, whereas before I didn't mind it at all. But there's a lot more emotion that can be put into voice acting than text, if done right. It can also ruin the good writing if done wrong.

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby donutbandit » Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:30 am

If voice acting is introduced at the beginning of a game, before I have had time to form my POV, that's OK. One my favorite games, Legend of Dragoon, possibly contains some of the worst voice acting ever. But there wasn't much of it, and it merely served to let you know how the character's voices sounded.

Voice acting in S3? All ducks sound like Donald? All lizards speak with a hissing growl?

Karayans would have a Middle African accent. Lucia would have a deep, cold voice for a woman. Hugo would have a baritone voice. Aila would sound exactly like Tootie Ramsay from the Facts of Life.

Chris would have a slightly deep voice for a woman, distant and aloof, with a bit of Germany in her tongue.

I don't know what Geddoe's accent is, but he has a higher voice than you would think from his looks. Ace is gravel, Joker is high. Queen is kidding all the time.

Calerians are Egyptians. Zexens are Norman/Germanic. Apple's tone would be constantly kind of apologetic. She's learned she is no military strategist, so she now just hangs on the coattails of one. Caesar is as arrogant as Leon, only with the always present demeaning grin.

Only my opinion, and others might hear it differently.

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby Drognar » Sun Apr 19, 2009 12:08 am

Well, I am almost finished with 3 might as well give my opinion-
Graphics 8/10
+Gotta love em, most are NPCs are well animated and the towns are quite large, spells have some top-notch effects. Characters in battle are modeled very well
-Although those battle sprites seem to have an awkward shadow that covers their body, its just seems like they are really darkened in battle. Also I would like some view control(camera)

Story 8/10
+Very cool, I love how you can take the place of different characters and get there perspective, its something very rare in most games, the characters are complex and all have their reasons would what will ultimately unite them. Although, this is good,
-I don't like towards the end your forced to use a character that isn't your FC, and you get forced party members a lot,too. The has a habit of throwing out my custom party. Speaking of Characters, I really liked this bunch, most are diverse, but some are little to easy to get. vvvvvvvvvvvV*Spoiler Below*Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
Making Luc the villain was awesome.
-First of let me get the negatives-walking is way to slow, and not being able to command half party can be annoying, also magic seems kind belittled, I mean Breath of Ice is supposed to deal 100+ damage, right? Well in suikoden it only deals about 90 damage per foe even in the hands of a good mage, in V or it would have be minimal of 100 damage unless used on a high resist foe. Theres a lot of forced party situation, can't use all recruits till you have Hugo, Chris and Geddoe
+On to the positive side, I love the idea of not having to command half my party, its takes a lot of stress out and makes you plan ahead. The skill system rocks with the ability to rack up huge combos and all. I also like idea of of movement since it feels like a strategy rpg a little. The games pretty hard, nice challenge. This all syncs perfectly with class Suikoden gameplay. This really feel like Suikoden but its got some significant upgrades.

+I love it, gives towns and characters personality, epic battle music
-A few scenes seem dead with out it

Overall-8.5=Take suikoden and put in blender with some new concepts, you may end up with mixed results, but they are still are very good. Systemically, the game is fun in its own unique but unfortunately it can get aggravating. Please don't shun it because its not a clone of 2, its still a fun, innovative twist on classic Suikoden. Buy it, if even if you just want good graphics, the art is great.


Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby suikoknightII » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:56 am

I just beat suikoden 3 for the first time, I put off playing it for a long time cause I was skeptical of the changes made but im glad I finally played it.
I really liked the trinity for the storyline, it really dragged you into each character that I liked alot but made things difficult when you had to pick the flame champion.

battle took a while to get used to but I liked it for the most part.


I also thought the bonus for getting all stars in this game was really great and thought it even put more of a perspective on how all the main characters viewed what was going on during the time of the great hollow fight and on.

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Re: [Discussion] Reviews and Opinions of Suikoden III

Postby eldrasidar » Wed Nov 18, 2009 4:04 am

just some of my thoughts:

Skill system-Nobody has mentioned this yet, but the skill system introduces a whole new level of depth to characters and really help distinguish sword user x from sword user y. The system isn't perfect(like Stg. Joe not being able to use Jongleur), but it was definitely a good idea. the obvious downside to the skill system was that because of it, there were less command runes than previously. But I would take extra character variety and versatility over extra redundant runes(although I missed the Falcon Rune). After pondering this one for a while, I would even say that the overall skill system of 3 is better than in 5, as there is much more variety in the skills and skill levels characters could have. Honestly, the only major improvement 5 made on the system was the ability to transfer skill points to other characters.

Trinity system-although it changes the way the story is laid out compared to the other suikoden's, it also brings out more character development, both for the main characters as well as most of the other stars. You get the opportunity to interact with more characters in different ways. It's interesting to see how characters like Anne react differently to Hugo as opposed to Chris. It's also nice to get a glimpse into the thoughts of the antagonists. My major problem with other suikodens is that you meet and recruit a lot of characters and then never pay much attention to them again. that doesn't happen nearly as much in 3.

I like the plot a lot for suikoden 3. many people didn't like that it moved away from the gathering of the stars emphasis that the other games all have. I think however, that by changing the narrative style, you actually see the point in having all those stars. in all the other games of the suikoden series, there's only a handful of characters that stay plot important for the entire game, and a large number who add very little besides another body. Suikoden 3, I think does the best job of legitimizing the presence of every star, and encourages you to use them. The story itself is nice wonderful, and I think far more reasonable than placing an insane amount of responsibility on one individual, and then also having them casually engaging in all kinds of subplots such as recruiting characters. the other thing that i really like about the plot is that it does a really good job of showing all sides of the story. the enemies aren't just evil(well, maybe Yuber is), the allies aren't all good. Other suikodens have these deep characters too, but I think 3 does the best job of portraying that.

Wars-some people don't like the war system in 3, and certainly it isn't as good as 2's or 5's, but I think it's significantly better than 1's and 4's, which both seemed to be a lot more placeholder than actually interesting on their own part. A big complaint that I've read about 3's system is that it tends to make stupid moves, and gives you very little control. However, I've discovered that training people properly and equipping the right runes does a lot to improving the tides of battle. It just require more planning.

Unwinnable fights: Some people don't like the amount of impossible or near impossible fights. I liked them for two reasons. One is that it rewarded the player's who put in the extra effort. two it added realism to the game. You should lose a few fights along the way. Otherwise, why spend the whole game improving your skill?

Battle system: I liked the concept of the Battle system, It was an interesting way of making the turn-based system more engaging to watch, but it's frustrating watching the computer try to figure how to maneuver characters, and also kinda ridiculous that you can't independently command each character. I did like what it did for area magic, making it possible to hurt your allies within the area of the spell. I was also intrigued by the hidden character types such as berserker, although they didn't seem particularly well used.

Graphics-I don't know why, but i like the graphics of 3 better than 4 or 5's. I think partially it's because I like the side view more than the top-down view, and also I think the cel-shading allowed the character's to look more interesting.

Music-the music is perfectly fine, although because I've played so much and because of the lack of voice acting, I have tended to just mute the game and play other music. That said, I don't mind the lack of voice acting, although I think it could have improved the game much more than it did in 4, where the silent protagonist makes everyone else's presence of voice annoying.

If I was rating the suikodens, 3 would probably be in 3rd behind 2 and 5 and above 1 and 4.

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