[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

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[Discussion] Member Recommended Parties with Reasoning

Postby Shirofan » Wed Jul 21, 2004 3:18 pm

Because I seem to be powerless to stop people from trying to create topics asking what people's favourite parties, or best parties are then we'll do it in a regimented way that means you have to explain your choices in detail.

For each character in the lineup give details as to which rune you attach to them, what equipment you choose to use, which skills you have them learn and explain why you have chosen that character to fulfill that role in your party.

Saying a character is 'cool' is a reason; but it needs to be clarified so you will have to explain why you think that character is cool and why that is more important to you than any other reason.

Then when you have elaborated in detail [This means several lines of text] about each character in the list explain why they function well as a group; include how you pair off the characters and why; note any useful unites that arise and why you find it beneficial to use them.

If any reply does not go into enough detail then a message will be edited onto the bottom asking for more clarification; if that is not forthcoming that reply will be deleted a day after being edited.
If a reply is just a list of characters it will just be deleted.

Any other such topic created asking for 'best', 'favourite' or 'suggested' parties will be deleted.

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Postby RageRune » Mon Jul 26, 2004 10:48 pm

I'll be the first to reply to this.
This is the party I used for the final battle in SUiko3

Hugo/Fubar:(mounted on Fubar) He is my flame champion in the game. I have him at Bin FireMagic. I also have him mounted on Fubar because thier deal a great amount of damge.I used the Final fire spell against the Water Rune because of it's attacks as well as it's ressurection spell. After that I just use the mount attacks against the other runes.

Percivial/Estelle:For some reason Percivial is pretty good with Water magic so from an occasional turn I used him for healing. And since is level was so high in my game I also gave him a rune for his strentgh(I forgot what it was called) and leit him attack the Thunder Rune.
Estelle is the best mage IMO of SUiko3. I have her with the Rage Rune in case Hugo does'nt finish off the Water Rune. I also have Pale Gate on her to damge the other RUnes and the Wind Rincar.

Jacques/Aila:I like Jaques as a good charcter. He is good with a crossbow as well as useful for attacking the top true Runes. He is at a high level so his magical defense is pretty good. I let him use Boranda Hawk in the first turn of battle just to take some damage of the True Runes. Aila is my main healer and defense person in the battle.I use her to heal the party after alot of damage.Then as a support person to evade some magic attacks.Unfortunaltely I can't use Earthquake in this battle but I use Aila to attack a True Runes or the Wind Rincar once in a while.


Other times with this battle I would use the true Rune beares but that made the battle easy so I just used Hugo.

Original JD

Postby Original JD » Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:32 pm

Okay, this sounds like fun...

This was my party for the final battle. Hugo was my FC.

Hugo - True Fire, Killer
Fubar - Shining Wind, Killer

Geddoe - Fury, True Lightning, Sunbeam
Viki - Pale Gate, Blinking, Shield

Chris - True Water, Phoenix
Emily - Fury, Haziness

Hugo was at level 62, the rest were 58-60.

Chris and Geddoe were both in it, because it felt right in my mind. From a story point of view, they were the Flame Champion's lieutenants, so it seemed right that they join him in the final battle. From a gameplay perspective, I figured that Geddoe's True Lightning attacks could be extremely useful, and Chris could double as a healer if need-be.

Fubar I took, well, because he and Hugo are immense beatsticks. I was doing close to 5000 damage in a round with them, and that's not including any continual attacks. I figured that, since this was the final boss, I could use some heavy hitting.

I took Viki because, in my opinion, she's the best offensive mage in the game. Plenty of non-elemental damage between the Pale Gate and Blinking, and the support effects from the Shield Rune. Also, she's good enough to use as a healer.

Emily I took for much the same reason as Fubar. She can deal a lot of damage per round, and that is always a Good Thing(tm).

Boy, did I set this thing up wrong.

Viki was casting Great Blessing almost every turn. For some reason, Geddoe always defended anytime I had Viki cast a spell. I forgot that Chris kinda sucks when it comes to magic. So really, it was just Hugo/Fubar, Chris, and Emily that were in the fight while Viki kept healing them. Geddoe, apparently, got a cell phone call that was more important.

I still won, but it wasn't a sound trouncing like I wanted. In retrospect, I probably should have taken a party more like this: (Runes are the same, except where mentioned.)


Juan - Fury, Waking

Small Viki - Pale Gate, Blinking, Flowing

This way, my melee fighters would have been in the fight, my mages would ahve been close enough to benefit from a Kindness Lake, and I still would have been doing a lot of damage per turn.

Oh well. I won, and I got the 108 Stars bonus. I'm happy.

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Postby Jowy Atreides » Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:48 pm

Juan has a Waking Rune, so he doesn't need a Fury Rune.
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Postby KoRnholio » Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:54 pm

He probably put a status-cancelling piece of equipment on Juan, so he can be used on the first turn. In that case, you don't get any Fury from the Waking Rune, and so he put a Fury rune on him.

Original JD

Postby Original JD » Thu Jul 29, 2004 6:04 pm

*Bing!* I equipped Juan with the Taikyoko (sp?) Tunic. That way, when I attack in the first round, he isn't just laying there like a good for nothing.

Now, I'm trying to beat the final boss with a completly different party.




Why this party? Two words: Calvary, CHARGE!!!!

Heh, that's really just a fun party to do it with.... Three attackers and not the greatest magic use in the world.... Three Jizos for everyone!

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Postby Pollensalta » Mon Aug 02, 2004 4:41 pm

I prefer a party full of all magic users.

Geddoe + Rody - Geddoe had True Lightning, Rody had Thunder. After Geddoe ran out of his top 2 lightning spells, I would use Rody instead and Geddoe would lay on the physical attacks.

Estella + Hugo - Same as Geddoe and Rody, except with True Fire and Rage runes.

Chris + Nei - In the first round I wouldn't need a healer, so I used Nei's spell that speeded up everyone's chanting. After that, Chris became the main healer. However, I also had a Shield Rune (I think) on Nei, so sometimes I would use that instead and have Chris physically attack.

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Postby KFCrispy » Tue Aug 03, 2004 9:14 am

Chris + Nei doesn't sound efficient if Chris would be healing the group. when Chris needs to use a spell, Nei will stop chanting, right? and why do you need Nei to speed up chanting, anyway? your characters all seem to be able to reach S or A+ easily with the corresponding elements (wizard hats, rings).

i think the only time you might want to speed chanting is so Hugo can unleash the level 4 True Fire in the first round before Chris runs in to attack, but if Hugo isn't already fast enough, i don't think Nei's spell will come out AND cause Hugo to cast all before Chris takes action... so she's probably toast anyway -_-. so even if chanting isn't boosted, you will get the same result (she will dodge or not dodge either way). if you're not going to use that spell, the other ones are safe and are already faster than the RIncar, no?
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Postby DarkWizard » Tue Aug 03, 2004 7:10 pm

Chris - True Water, Pheonix
Hugo - True Fire

Yumi - Flowing, Earth, Great Hawk
Yuiri - Shield, Cyclone, Killer

Geddoe - True Lightning, Warrior, Wizard
Sasarai - Pale Gate, True Earth, Flowing


Chris has a rather high defence, so she can tank fairly well. And her True Water can be your last ditch attemp to cast healing magic. Hugo is there because he is required, but his high number of attacks are great. I found that even without filling in his empty rune slot, he is still powerful.

Yumi and Yuiri has a unite attack together, but that isn't the reason I put them together. Yuiri has a surprisingly high magic stat, and in my game, has two castings of level 4 spells. And her high affinity with wind magic makes her a support character. Just put a Wind ring on her to boost her wind magic rank to S. Yuiri is highly recommended to be placed in the back row due to her low HP. Yumi has an earth rune because the first spell is very useful. And her flowing makes her a fairly good healer, but needs Water rings to boost her water magic rank.

Geddoe has a Wizard rune to boost his magic and a Warrior rune to boost his attack. This makes him a powerful attacker or a magic user. This makes his magic very powerful. Sasarai can be the main healer since he has the fastest casting time.

I used Jeane for support for her reduction in casting time. This comes quite essential in the final battle.

This party has been tested against the final boss and works fairly well. This team isn't overly powerful so that the game still provides a fair challenge. During the final boss battle, Yumi was the only one to be knocked out due to her low level.

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Postby KFCrispy » Wed Aug 04, 2004 8:06 am

so what is your strategy when using this team? Chris & Hugo don't seem to be problematic, but Yumi/Yuiri and Geddoe/Sasarai--someone's almost always going to be using magic, right?

Hugo can obviously tag on a Fury, Violence, Warrior, Gale, or even Sword of Magic to add more to his attack. Double-Strike might be dangerous for him.

Yumi and Yuiri seem to have too much magic going on, and one will always be attacking--why not devote a rune slot for one or both characters for attacking? Yuiri's Shield Rune looks like it can be replaced--i don't see too much benefit in adding to physical attacks (lev 1) because your team is so magic oriented, and another heal-all spell is not so useful with 3 other characters able to heal better and faster.

Geddoe and Sasarai together is the most confusing-- you have two extremely powerful magicians, and when Geddoe uses his magic, Sasarai will be doing nothing. again, i'm not sure if the land-based Earth spells work. if Sasarai will be casting a lot, Geddoe will be attacking (or defending), but either way, the Wizard Rune doesn't help much. a few extra points of magic damage (doesn't add to the multiplying affinity factor) is not a safe trade-in for magic defense being halved. without a swing skill, Geddoe will get 2 strikes with Gale, or Fury would be better if his swing skill is maxed (Gale would add a 3rd strike, however).

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Postby Karthur » Wed Aug 04, 2004 1:21 pm

I've played the end boss with a number of different parties, but one that made the fight the hardest was when I used Chris's default party. I chose to try this because the knights all have horrible magic defense (except Salome who can repel) and because I really liked the knights. They were my favorite group in the game and I wanted a challenge.

Hopefully this is accurate...it's been awhile, but...as I remember it...

All characters were in the low 60s...all weapons at level 16

Pair 1

Chris--Phoenix & True Fire
I also gave her Custom Armor, the Flame Helmet, Dragon Incense, Fire Ring and a Yellow Scarf.
Her job was to attack the runes, starting with the water rune. I used the Phoenix Rune to do 2X damage. The yellow scarf was to keep her from getting unbalanced. Her main job though, was to be a tank so Salome would stay alive. Plus, if she did go down, Borus would most likely Beserk (sometimes the others knights will as well)

Salome--Mother Earth, Flowing, and Shield
High level armor (Custom Chain Mail, I believe) A Jizo, Earth Magic Ring and Magic Repel Ring <--It has a different name, I think but it boosts his ability to totally deflect magic.
I used him to keep everyone else alive. In the first round, I used the spell which drops damage by 15% After that, I tried to use the "protect one pair from magic" as much as possible on Percival and Borus. When the others needed to be healed, I'd have him do so with either the Flowing or Shield Rune.

2nd Pair
He also had Custom Armor, a Jizo and various other amulets to try and boost his chances at staying alive, and use him as a secondary healer in the event that I lost Salome.
I used the "Knights A" attack every turn on the "WindRincar" and ignored the other runes with this pair.

Borus--Double Strike
He was also equipped with Custom Armor and the Horned Helmet which boosted one of his Damage Skills. He and Percival were doing about 3000pts of a damage each time they hit. After Chris went down (round 6 or so) the two of them beserked and ended up doing 4500ish points.
Oh, and he died at one point after using his Jizo, but I had Salome use "Mother Ocean" on him.

3rd Pair
Leo--Goss, didn't use it.
Leo took quite a few hits before going down. His magic defense is pitiful (I think it's even worse than Borus's). I had a Jizo on him, so he resurrected. While he was alive before finally going down, I used him to help Chris take care of the runes. Fortunately, Percy and Borus ended up killing the WindRincar before the other runes were finished off.

Roland--Great Hawk, didn't use it.
Roland died in the second round and I didn't bother to revive him. I've never been able to use this character to his fullest. I don't know if it's just because I don't like him or if he's truly useless at higher levels.

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Postby KFCrispy » Wed Aug 04, 2004 11:40 pm

Chris - Yellow Scarf does not prevent Unbalance. only a Balance Rune and one of the Fighting Spirit skill does.
btw, does Chris ever use the True Fire spells at all? if not, you can replace her Fire Magic Ring with something more useful..

Salome - with only the Earth Rune (or scroll? i've never tried scrolls in this game though) can you cast the level 1 Clay Guardian 15% protection spell. the Earth Rune can't cast Canopy Defense. the rest of the Earth-family runes don't have Clay Guardian but have Canopy. i don't know why they switched this with canopy defense (mother earth level 4?!), a one-time only protect-all spell (but is it the entire round or vs. 1 spell?). in the long-run, more than 1 round, Clay Guardian is much much more effective.

Borus and Leo - in order to survive the magic onslaught, just give them Gold Emblems or Flame & Lightning Amulets. Gold Emblems raise magic resistance, so the character gets overall better magic defense, but if you only give them one or two, it won't be too effective. the best idea would be to give both characters the Magic Resistance skill AND use Gold Emblems or the elemental resistants. Leo would have to sacrifice his one free skill slot, but you don't need to worry much about Accuracy or anything vs the RIncar, i don't think.
You could have also easily replaced Leo's rune with Double-Strike, Fury, or Violence to make him more effective while he lasted.

Roland - same rune suggestions.. Double-Strike, Fury or Violence, and/or possibly Gale to get 2 swings. Double-Strike can be risky. once his speed is high enough, he can finally get a 2nd swing (try Blood Armor or Gale), making him a bit stronger. although he has a good Wind Magic rating and decent magic points, i don't find it necessary nor sufficient enough to make use of magic.. if the Wind/Cyclone Runes were stronger, then I would easily make him more magic oriented.

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Postby Karthur » Thu Aug 05, 2004 9:08 am

Like I said, it was over 6 months ago. Maybe I'll load up the save today and try to play it again. :D

It took me a good four or five tries to win, as I recall. I did a lot of armor swapping on these folks...

Chris--Maybe it wasn't yellow scarf, but I did have something on her that she wouldn't get unbalanced. (Isn't there armor that prevents all status changes?) Anyway, I know I had her useable each turn because that was part of the whole strategy. Yeah, I probably should have removed her Fire Ring...

Salome--Ok, my mistake. It was a scroll, I believe that did the 15% damage reduction. (Sorry, I don't recall the actual names of the spells...I do need go back and play this game because I miss it...)

Borus and Leo--I remember giving Borus (at least) Magic Res training. I don't think he did very well. But Gold Emblems sound like a great idea for the next time. I'm pretty sure I didn't have any at the time I played.

Roland--Thanks for the tips on playing him. I really was at a loss when he got up to level 60 and still was only taking one mediocre hit.


Postby Darksoul » Sat Aug 07, 2004 8:40 am

Hugo - FC, also i have him fury and maxed out his agility so he hits hard and alot at the same time, i chose him to be FC because i favored the way his character grew threwout the storyline over Chris and Geddoe, also
Chris - Chris, i like because to me i see her a versitile, i use her to heal with True Water as well as she hits pretty accurate, her attack is also fairly strong as well as she does not require much movement, also her pheonix rune can hit enimies you cant reach
Juan - Juan, Juan i like because his a attacks are chains, he attacks multiple times and with sunbeam rune, hes also hitting pretty hard for a multiple ammount of times, though he takes damage, he dishes it out as well, i put a sacraficial jizzo on him just in case of a situation
Emily - Emily is like Juan, but she doesnt take as much damage, also she doesnt do as much damage but hits with more attacks than Juan, also her Lion ability is helpful for hitting enemies you cant reach like the runes with the last boss, also i put her in Juan in the same 2 slots so they can perform their team attack and hit everyone at once for a nice ammount of damage as well
Nei - I like Nei because her Jongleur is just plain fun, also she doesnt hit as hard as Juan or Emily, but she hits almost as much, she helps also with healing with a shield rune and her Jongleur can be helpful at times as well.
Sasari - Sasari is one of my favorite characters, having the True Earth rune and also having good Water Magic stat, and also an open runeslot for a palegate rune, makes him very helpful if you need it, his canopy defence helps from True Earth, flowings mother earth and kindness rain also come in handy, and palegate is basically a giant beatstick to slap the person around with when on the offence.

The party might seem odd, or a little on the defencive side, but thats how i wanted it to be, i like watching the enemy attack and end up taking little over 50 when its supposed to be a hard battle then blowing them away. the whole purpose of having so many people who attack so many times normally is because i dont want to waste runes in battles, you never know when youll need something from them and its fun to see your characters hit so many times over.

For the final battle my line up was this:

Hugo lvl 62 everyone else between 57-60

Hugo - True Fire/ Fury Runes
Chris - True Water/Phoenix
Juan - Sunbeam/Waking
Emily - Lion/Haziness (hazieness because i forgot to switch it)
Nei - Shield/Jongleur
Sasari - True Earth/Flowing

ok, first turn, i had Hugo cast Final Flame on the waterrune and Chris hit the lightning rune, Juan and Emily attacked the firerune, and i had Sasari cast canopy defence and Nei attacked the firerune, then the firerune casted Hellfire, which was all fine and dandy by me because of canopy defence. What i didnt expect was for the Wind Dragon to attack right afterwards, so i had some healing to do because he had knocked my health down to about half on everyone, low enough to where next hit i would have died.

Next, I had Hugo cast Final Flame on the waterrune again and Chris attacked the lightning rune again, I had Juan and Emily attack the firerune again Juan killed it and Emily hit the wind dragon, and this time I healed with great blessing from Nei and Sasari attacked the wind dragon. The lightning rune casted the shredding and brought everyones health back down to half again. so once again i had to heal....

Next I had Chris use her Phoenix on the waterrune and Hugo attacked the lightning rune and killed it, Juan and Emily used their team attack to hit all the runes, which killed the waterrune, Sasari used kindness rain again and healed everyone again. Then the earthrune casted canopy defence on the dragon, which made me slightly ticked cause i was gonna kill it with Hellfire then the dragon did an attack, and took everyones health back down to a little less than half this time, nothing that couldnt be taken care of though.

Finally, I had Chris cast Kindness rain directly on Sasari, because there were 3 other people to heal and he was closest to death, Hugo attacked the wind dragon, Sasari never got to heal or be healed because Juan attacked the dragon and killed it. So ends the story of how i beat the game.

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Postby KFCrispy » Sat Aug 07, 2004 3:20 pm

you wrote that you forgot to take off Emily's Haziness.. you probably just forgot that's it's permanent.

Juan should use something more productive than Sunbeam--in battle, it's just a 15HP auto-heal which is chump change. outside of battle, it only heals the bearer, making it a lot worse than the previous games (forgot how it works in 2, but in 1 it was good). Killer, Violence, Warrior, or Fury (if you are using status protection that makes Waking ineffective) can add a punch to his offense.

you have a lot of rune users in the group--Hugo with True Fire, Sasarai as your prime healer, Emily with Lion, and Nei with Jongleur/support, which is why you couldn't fully utilize them all. with this kind of setup, i would have paired Emily with Hugo, Nei with Chris/Juan, and Sasarai with Juan/Chris. the purpose of that would be to activate Nei's level 4 Jongleur spell (with her Jongleur skills maxed) and launch Emily's Lion Rune second round after using the True Fire first round at Water Rune. i'm hoping the Jongleur doesn't get cancelled Emily w/Lion, Hugo, Chris, and Juan can all attack with the 1.4x bonus. with this setup and the Jongleur chant going, Emily's Lion Attack with Swings maxed (no Damage skill) does just as much as an S rank lev 4 True Fire Rune (2500+), and the other fighters will be attacking with a 1.4x bonus. Sasarai would concentrate on healing, of course.

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