Geddoe Chris Thomas and Luc"?" Inventory Trick

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Geddoe Chris Thomas and Luc"?" Inventory Trick

Postby Toasticles » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:37 pm

I made a mention of this in the Codebreaker sticky thread but I'm not sure if anyone noticed it so I figured I'd bring this up here in its own little thread. Forgive me if I'm wrong for doing so.

When you look up Codebreaker codes for modifying your inventory they list a variety of codes for the 30 inventory slots but everywhere I have looked has the exact same codes.
The problem there is that the codes only modify the inventory of Hugo's party.
That means if you want to add in some items for Geddoe Chris or Thomas' groups you're just out of luck. Well there is a work around, or Trick, which I'll explain in a moment.

So my question, if you haven't guessed it, does anyone, who is active, know anything about Codebreaker codes or do you know the codes for modifying the inventories of the other playable characters?

Now for the Trick I mentioned above.
You can still get whatever items you want but you must have access to a Warehouse. Use the character specific cheatcodes to place the item/s in the accessory slots of the characters in your party even if they are not normally equippable there. Then load your game and leave the items in the warehouse. (Trying to unequip the items will not work. You must leave them in the warehouse to be able to retrieve them) Once the item is left in the warehouse you can pull it back out and put it in your party inventory and from there you can use it as normal.
I used this trick to get an "S" statue with Thomas so that I could recruit Melville's father and then of course Melville's trio after that.
This works fine for Thomas and Chris who have early access to a warehouse but with Geddoe You have to wait until you get to Caleria. I'm not even sure Luc has access to the warehouse at all. I haven't gotten back to playing his chapter yet to see.
I also haven't tried this with absolutely every item but I'm going to wager that they will all respond the same way as the statue did.

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