[Guide] Armor Compatibility

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[Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Enigma » Sat Jan 17, 2015 3:11 pm

This is a guide that shows each piece of equipment and which characters can equip it. Please note that the actual list of items and their descriptions were compiled through internet searches years ago, and the rare item descriptions come from the guide on this site, as I never intended to create a guide or anything. The work I did myself was to acquire each of the items in the game and make lists of which characters could and could not equip everything. I analyzed these lists and came up with equipment classes to describe where everything fits. I also checked the sell price for items that cannot be bought, and doubled it to come up with potch value for these items. (If anyone can let me know how much a Wooden Shield can be sold for, I would appreciate it.)

How the classes work:
Head Gear:
T - Hat
E - Helmet
*Each character is in only one of these classes

Body Gear:
L - Leather
C - Chain Mail
H - Heavy Armor
R - Robe
*Each character is in only one of these classes

M - Man
W - Woman
B - Boy
G - Girl
N - Nobility
D - Duck
Z - Lizard
K - Kobold
*Each character is in only one of these classes
*Note that there is no Winger class; Landis is class M

S - Shield
*All shields can be equipped by all characters in class S

*Bright, Connie, Fubar, Gadget Z, Kogoro, Koichi, Koroku, Kosanji, and Ruby cannot equip anything (except curative items and things of that nature, which are not covered in this guide)

*Note that Chris changes her classes when she ventures into the Grasslands without her knight armor.

I hope you will find this guide useful.
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Re: [Guide] Armor Compatibility

Postby Virande » Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:44 pm

Hi, just want to inform there are some mistakes i notice in your list.

Premier Armor Def 50 -> 100
Damaged Leather Def 25 -> 14
Wooden Shield price -> 300
Water Magic Ring price 2000 -> 36000
Fire Magic Ring price 110000 -> 36000

Missing items :
Worn Out Casque - T E - Def 2 - 1500
Worn out helm - E - 4 - 1800
worn out tunic - LCHR - 1 - 170
worn out robe - LR - 2 - 100
Old robe - LR - 5 - 750
worn out chainmail - CH - 6 - 550
worn out armor - H - 8 -800

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