[Guide] Ranch Racing & Goppu rewards

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[Guide] Ranch Racing & Goppu rewards

Postby SuikoMJM » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:27 am

I know this information is floating around, but here it is collected into one place with precise times.

Ranch Racing

All Difficulties

0:57:00+ (Horse) / 1:05:00+ (Fubar)
- Nothing

0:53:00-0:56.99 (Horse) / 0:45:00-1:04:99 (Fubar) (Tier 1)
- Mega Medicine A
- Banshak Sake Set*** (cannot win if already owned)
- Belt of Strength***
- Calerian Urn***
- Milk Bath Beads*** (cannot win if already owned)


0:49:00-0:52:99 (Horse) / 0:41:00-0:44.99 (Fubar) (Tier 2)
- Deer Antler
- Hex Doll S***
- PaleMoonNecklace***
- Prosperity Hat***
- Recipe #8***


0:51:00-0:52.99 (Horse) / 0:43:00-0:44:99 (Fubar) (Tier 2 - Same as Easy, smaller window)
- Deer Antler
- Hex Doll S***
- PaleMoonNecklace***
- Prosperity Hat***
- Recipe #8***

0:49:00-0:50:99 (Horse) / 0:41:00-0:42:99 (Fubar) (Tier 3)
- Mini-Cactus
- Haziness Rune***
- LgtngMagicRing***
- Painting: Lady***
- Pale Moon Leather***

The only repeatables are the Mega Medicine A, Deer Antler, and Mini-Cactus. The more items you acquire, the shorter and less random the list gets. Nonrepeatable items will stop showing up on all difficulties with Horse or Fubar once acquired, so there's no reason to use Fubar if you think the controls are too hard. All items show up on Medium, so I don't think there's any extra benefit to playing Hard mode if it's too frustrating. I also didn't notice any benefit to breaking my record time.

And here's a complete Goppu list, since we might as well have both mini-games collected into one place.


5000 Potch Bet
- Potted Cactus
- Blue Ribbon***
- Guardian Shield***
- Resistance Ring***
- TunicOfProsperity***

2000 Potch Bet
- Crystal Ball
- Blue Kennel***
- Gloves of Destiny***
- Mole Armor***
- Recipe #4***

500 Potch Bet
- Mega Medicine A
- Blinking Rune***
- Moonlight Beads*** (cannot win if already owned)
- Mole Gloves***
- Peeing Boy***

Again, this information is already floating around. Even with save states, the TunicOfProsperity took some time to show up. Winning repeatedly eliminates all one time*** items from the list, making it easier to hone in on what you want.
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Re: Ranch Racing

Postby KFCrispy » Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:21 pm

thanks :)
now, everyone go replay the games!!

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Re: Ranch Racing

Postby laclongquan » Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:24 am

Thanks for making this so I dont have to.

Not that the items are needed, since game is easy, but to satisfy the curiousity.

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