eatrawmeat391's Suikoden 3 Cheat

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eatrawmeat391's Suikoden 3 Cheat

Postby eatrawmeat391 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 3:25 am

Just found my old copy of Suikoden 3 PAL still working. I have decided to make some cheat for one of my favorite games.

* The format is RAW code, which means Unencrypted
First slot becomes main character v1.0(PAL)
219E3960 3C020197
219E3964 9044E620
219E3968 2484FFFF
219E396C 00042040
219E3970 00441821
219E3974 085ED734
219E3978 9464E5F6
217B5CC8 08678E58
217B5CD0 A444B3F2

First slot becomes main character v1.1 (PAL)
219BD738 3C020197
219BD73C 9044E620
219BD740 2484FFFF
219BD744 00042040
219BD748 00441821
219BD74C 085ED734
219BD750 9464E5F6
217B5CC8 0866F5CE
217B5CD0 A444B3F2
* This one doesn't corrupt the character's portrait in cutscene

* Video Footage: ...

* ELF Checksum SHA-2 512bit: D6342D3E62E166DB38D0B055A7A0890C05831B82B2170F1EF9436F4A2BAD5864FDDD1527A901B332EFB49503F3958F7F610A99F949E43FADE0EE30399FC16B1A

* How it works is that you go to the World Map. You put the character in the first slot, you will play as that character when you visit the Town/World.
Only the main character can trigger events.
One limitation of the cheat is that you can't change the first character slot in party.
For example I used Fubar for fast navigation of the forest map.

Credit: Pyriel for the party mod code.

Code: Select all

017B5CC8: jump to 019E3960

lui v0,0x0197 # the original instruction at 019E3960
lbu a0,-0x19E0(v0) # load main character (party) index
addiu a0,-0x1
sll a0,a0,0x01
addu v1,v0,a0
j pos_017B5CD0 # resume normal code execution
lhu a0,-0x1A0A(v1) # load main character ID

017B5CD0: sh a0,-0x4C0E(v0) Store main character ID
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Re: eatrawmeat391's Suikoden 3 Cheat

Postby Pyriel » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:14 pm

I remember doing something like this ages ago, and it was sort of crashy. Or at least characters would glitch out if they had a role in a cutscene they didn't belong in. When you say, "only the main character can trigger events" do you mean the main character intended by the game (e.g., Hugo or Chris) or whoever has been swapped into that role? And what sort of events? Clearly you can get into random encounters, but can the Journeyman Crystal be triggered?

I remember it was pretty fun to wander around maps as Gadget Omega or whatever the unused, giant robot version of Gadget was called.

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Re: eatrawmeat391's Suikoden 3 Cheat

Postby eatrawmeat391 » Fri Mar 01, 2019 6:15 pm

You can see that in the end of the video, I played as Lulu. Because Lulu is NOT Hugo the event that should happen with Jimba can't be activated. Normally at that point when you approach Jimba there will be a cutscene activated.

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