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The Silverberg family is the most important family within the Suikoden series, mostly due to their role as military strategists on both sides of conflicts.
Julian Silverberg
A legendary strategist who helped Karnach Rugner become independent from Harmonia without any bloodshed, creating the Scarlet Moon Empire more than 200 years ago.

Blue Moon's Comments
Creating an entire empire without any bloodshed? He must have been very good.
Elenor Silverberg
Elenor Silverberg is the earliest known Silverberg since Julian himself. She was originally tactician for the Scarlet Moon Empire but she was banished due to the actions of her subordinate Graham Cray. After this she headed south into the Island Nations where she started living on Hermitage Isle with her new apprentice Agnes. She was recruited by the Island Nation Forces after hearing of Graham Cray's involvement and she eventually lead the army to victory against the Kooluk Forces. After the final battle she met with Graham Cray at the top of Fort El-Eal which was destroyed in a masive explosion shortly after. It is believed that it was here that Elenor lost her life.

Entry written by SnowKing

KoRnholio's Comments
Proves the women in the family are just as tough (and more hard-drinking) as the men.
Leon Silverberg
The current head of the Silverberg family. He is well known throughout the world as a "genius strategist," and was involved in many wars, including the Succession War, the Toran Liberation Wars, and the Dunan Unification War. He is the uncle of Mathiu and Odessa and took care of them after the death of their parents (Leon's brother). He lives by his strategic maxim of "ending war as fast as possible with the fewest casualties." To achive that he will use whatever means necessary, and to him, it doesn't matter which side wins.

Blue Moon's Comments
Everyone knows he is my favorite character. So much, that I even made a Leon Silverberg FAQ (not available)! I am looking for members of the Leon Silverberg fanclub, only one member so far!
Mathiu Silverberg
Mathiu Silverberg is the brother of Odessa and nephew of Leon, and is a well known strategist. He became a member of the Scarlet Moon military during his youth, but left the army after the Kalekka Incident, when he realized that war inevitably causes innocents to suffer. However, he became the Army Strategist for the Toran Liberation Army following the death of Odessa, and led the army to victory--although he lost his life in the process.

Blue Moon's Comments
The peace-loving strategist who ends up causing many wars due to his strategy of taking Moravia. His taking of Moravia directly led to Toran's war with Jowston and triggered Luca Blight's invasion of Jowston.
Odessa Silverberg
Odessa Silverberg is the sister of Mathiu and niece to Leon. She was the founder of the Toran Liberation Army after becoming the leader of the revolutionary movement started by her ex-fiance, Achilles. During her actions within the Liberation Army, she was killed by Imperial Forces. However, she planned far ahead for the Liberation Army, which allowed them to win the war.

Blue Moon's Comments
Why she chose Lenankamp as a location for her hideout is a big mystery. She should have just joined with the Mt. Seifu bandits or something.
?????? Silverberg
?????? Silverberg is the younger brother of Mathiu and Odessa. No one knows where he is, but it is certain that he is still alive.

Blue Moon's Comments
Highly unknown yet often speculated. He is the most well known characters that no one knows the name of in the history of mankind (okay, just joking).
Shu is not a Silverberg, but is a student of the Silverberg school of strategy. He was a student of Mathiu at his school in Seika, and showed great talent in military startegy. However, he was expelled due to using his knowledge for personal gain. However, during the Dunan Unification War, he was recruited by the Allied Forces, and brought them victory. Viktor became his bearer.

Blue Moon's Comments
Some say that he welcomes Huan because he would be an excellent decoy when assassins come after him...
Apple is also a non-Silverberg, but her actions show she is a Silverberg at heart. She was also a student of Mathiu, and a surrogate sister to Shu. She has a deep respect for Mathiu, and helped him during the Toran Liberation Wars. She also served as Army Strategist for Viktor's mercenary before the Dunan Unification War became serious. After the fall of Muse, she successfully recruited Shu for the Allied Forces, and helped Shu as Vice-Strategist. Later she travelled with Caesar and assisted him during the Second Fire Bringer War.

KoRnholio's Comments
No matter how long works at it, she always loses out to a man for the position of head strategist and has to settle for assistant. That's the male-dominated workplace for you...
George Silverberg
George is the son of Leon Silverberg, and the father of Albert and Caesar Silverberg. Nothing else is known about him.

KoRnholio's Comments
Apparently he wasn't important enough to warrant any more information. Maybe he wasn't even a strategist? Maybe the tactical mind skips a generation? He must have been bald too.
Caesar Silverberg
Caesar Silverberg is the son of George and the younger brother of Albert Silverberg. He began his studies as a slacker, but he found his motivation in sibling rivalry with Albert. He believes in Mathiu's strategist philosophy, and is out to best his older brother. He travels with Apple, and they complement each other quite nicely. He helped the Fire Bringer against Harmonia so he test his skills against Albert. Apparently, even though his side won, he realized that Albert was still superior, and still is working at it.

KoRnholio's Comments
If he can't even control his hair, how can he control an army?
Albert Silverberg
Albert Silverberg is the son of George and the older brother of Caesar Silverberg. He excelled in his studies and is an excellent strategist. He gained a high rank in Harmonia, but that isn't enough and he rides Luc's coattails until Harmonia realized Luc's true plans, then used it to get himself an even higher position. He has the ideals of his grandfather Leon, and is much less laid-back than his younger brother.

KoRnholio's Comments
He almost seems like Shu in that he used his strategic knowledge for personal gain.