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The Blight family has been the ruling family in Highland since they separated from Harmonia.
Maroux Blight
Maroux was a noble within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, but he quenched a rebellion and was granted his own land in return. He was also given the Beast Rune from High Priest Sasarai, which has been passed on through the Blight Family.
Robert Blight
Robert was the King of Highland when Darrel, mayor of Muse, attacked Highland. Robert ordered Han Cunningham to retalliate and counterattack, which pushed Muse forces out of Muse, causing them to take refuge in Two River City. Robert died during the war, which brought Agares, his son, to the throne.
Agares Blight (IS 408-460)
Agares was the son of Robert Blight and father to Luca Blight. He wished for peace between Highland and Muse, and soon after his father's death, proposed a truce. However, Darrel refused to give up Kyaro. Agares proposed a duel between Genkaku and Han Cunningham, which ended in Han's victory. An embittered Darrell hired ruffians to attack the royal entourage. Agares escaped, but his wife Sara and Luca were captured. Agares ran to L'Renouille in fear, and Han rushed to Sara and Luca's rescue. However, Sara had already been raped by the ruffians and Luca had witnessed the ordeal.

Agares felt guilt over his cowardice until his death, which was amplified once Sara died soon after giving birth to Jillia, who was fathered during the rape. In the end, he was poisoned by Luca and Jowy in a plot to take over Highland.

Sara Blight (IS ??-445)
Sara was the wife of Agares. She hails from a powerful family within the Highland Kingdom, and gave birth to Luca soon after the marriage. Agares was greatly gladdened for having an heir. However, when the royal entourage was ambused by Muse ruffians hired by Darrel, she was taken hostage and raped repeatedly in front of Luca. This caused her to become pregnant with Jillia. She died soon after giving birth.
Luca Blight (IS 434-460)
Luca, known as the "Mad Prince," was the son of Agares. However, he had power over Highland before he ascended to the throne by murdering his own father. He witnessed Sara, his mother, being raped by Muse ruffians hired by Darrel when he was 10, and since then had an incredible hatred toward both Jowstone and his cowardly father.

In time, this hatred expanded to all life, giving him reason to sacrifice the blood of many to the Beast Rune in order to unleash death into the world. He was betrayed by Jowy, his new brother-in-law, and met by an Allied Forces ambush. At the end, arrow-ridden, he challenges Riou in a duel. He is beaten, and dies shortly after, roaring, "While I lived, I was thoroughly evil!"

Jillia Blight (IS 445--)
Jillia was conceived when her mother was raped by Muse ruffians hired by Darrel. However, she treates Agares with respect and doesn't mind that he is not her real father. She is strong-willed, but no match for Luca. She is the only person Luca considered an "equal," due to her resemblance to Sara. Later, Jillia understands the intentions of Jowy Atreides and accepts his proposal of marriage, willfully allowing him to use her as a tool to gain power so her brother could be ousted. However, Jillia developed a love for Jowy, which was not quite unrequited, due to Jowy's infatuation with her since early childhood. In the end, Jowy bid her farewell after making sure she could live in anonymity within Harmonia.
Jowy Blight (IS 444--)
Jowy was not a Blight by blood. He became a Blight when he married Jillia. He is originally a member of the Atreides family, but joined Jowston's side when the Unicorn Brigate with massacred by Luca. He decided to destroy Highland from within after witnessing Luca's power, and this assassinated Annabelle to win Luca's trust. Slowly, Jowy gained power within Highland and married Jillia, gaining him enough power to take over. After betraying Luca, however, the effect of the Black Sword Rune began to kill Jowy, becuase he needed its power to keep the Beast Rune at bay. In the end, his army is defeated, and he flees L'Renouille without a word.