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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Senan
Senan is the frontline against the City States of Jowston. The area is 70% covered by the Karakas desert, and beyond the desert lies a great wall that separates the desert from the badlands. No sane traveler will attempt to cross the desert, but many battles have been fought in this area. Senan is also known to have been the place where the ancient magicians, Crowley and Mazus, had a duel. It is said that the very duel blew away a few mountains and created the desert and badlands. Senan is sparsely populated--having no cities. Only military personnel enter this area.

Blue Moon's comment:
The "desert land" portion of the game. They were obviously rushing the game when they made this area.
A small fort that serves as protection against invaders from the north from getting into Kunan. The Liberation Army is known to have gotten through this checkpoint easily by misinforming Scarlet Moon informers present within their army.

Blue Moon's comment:
Some people end up starting their game over after reaching here. This is because after you beat this place, proceed, and then use the blinking mirror before reaching Moravia Castle, it will look like thre is no was for you to return. The gate at the Northern Checkpoint does seem like it doesn't open at all. However, there actually is a gate that you can open if you look for it hard enough.
A relatively new castle built as a front against the City States of Jowston. The castle lacks in aesthetics due to its strictly functional purpose. Monsters roam within the castle as a measure against intruders.

Blue Moon's comment:
Monsters roaming around to protect the castle from intruders!? What about protection for the inhabitants?
A small fort located southwest from Moravia Castle. The Liberation Army lured the forces of Moravia to this fort by making it look like a bulk of their forces were attacking it.

Blue Moon's comment:
You'd think they would at least have an un-enterable building in Moravia representing this fort...
A small fort located south of Moravia Castle. A small force of the Liberation Army attacked this fort as a diversion for the main force's attack on Moravia Castle.

Blue Moon's comment:
Another "invisible" fortress that Mathiu manages to attack. However, that attack was also fake, so even if the fort actually didn't exist no one would ever know!