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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Lorimar
Lorimar is a land laced with the legend of the Paladin, Kilft. The area lacks in industry, and most villages farm enough land to supply itself--reducing the need for trade. For that reason, many people in this area have never left Lorimar. The climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
Yep, you guessed it, the "vampire" section of the game!
Population: 3300
Industry: Agriculture
The Warrior's Village was established by Klift the Paladin in IS 20. The villagers all claim to be descendants of Kilft, and all men of the village are warriors. Men from this village are well known as furious warriors, and the Scarlet Moon Empire often recruited men from this village. Klift himself is known in history as the only one who fought against Hikusaak of Harmonia to the end, and ultimately defended Lorimar from Harmonia. Out of respect for this heritage, the Scarlet Moon Empire has traditionally allowed the Warrior's Village to rule Lorimar.

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Feminists would have work to do here for sure.
An old temple located west of the Warrior's Village. No one knows how old the temple is, but it has existed previous to recorded history. The temple itself is not so much a place for religious ritual, but a place to train one's mind. The current guru of the temple is Fukien. It is said that Crowley, the wizard with 100 runes, resided within the caves behind the temple.

Blue Moon's comment:
Definately out-of-place, a buddhist temple located in the middle of vampire land. It's a cool place, but odd. Why are those doors on the side of the temple locked?
Fort Lorimar separates Lorimar from Kunan. The fortress has traditinally been the place for executions, but the populace was massacred by Neclord towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire's rule.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place with the odd history of being completely destroyed by its own magistrate--Neclord.
A castle built by Neclord towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Neclord was assigned as the general of Lorimar by Windy, but he actually never "governed" the area. Neclord "governed" by abducting girls from villages as his bride. The screams of many young women are said to have been heard from this gothic castle.

Blue Moon's comment:
The puzzle involving the paintings is what exposed me to online suikoden fandom for the first time back in 1997.
Population: 1
Industry: Senility
After getting disgusted with the world, Liukan withdrew far south of Lorimar in his own hermitage. He stayed there until he was abducted by Milich Oppenheimer.

Blue Moon's comment:
Yep, his house is actually located in the Lorimar area. He probably did that to evade taxes that he would have to pay in Kunan. Doctors always think of ways to save money, greedy bastards.
Rapids that exist towards the beginning of Dunan River. Average ships would be unable to navigate through these rapids--the currents are simply too powerful.

Blue Moon's comment:
Typical obstacles that require "item X" to get through.