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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Great Forest
Great Forest
The Great Forest has been a battlefield between different races since antiquity, but peace has existed for a long time after "The Great Contract" was signed between all the races. After the establishment of the Scarlet Moon Empire, the empire upheld the contract. However, fearing that the contract will be broken if revealed to other areas, the entire area was hidden from the humans by protective wards erected by the "Six Wise Men." This area suffered great losses during the Gate Rune Wars when Kwanda Rossman destroyed Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves) using the Burning Mirror. However, post-war reconstruction is seeing rapid progress due to the efforts of the new elven leader, Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaana. The climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
The demi-human section of Toran. Must be one hell of a place with not just three but six wise men in history. Or perhaps three wise men were just looking into the burning mirror, in which case they would literally be history, and can kiss goodbye to being "wise."
Population: 800
Industry: Metalworking
This village was built on an ancient tree called Lukiae Ende Towayo, and is said to have grown to this size by the combined magic of the Six Wise Men of the Forest. Living in forests from the ancient times, the elves started living on Lukiae Ende Towayo. However, the tree was destroyed along with the village by Kwanda Rosman's Burning Mirror. Only a few elves survived this calamity. The village is slowly rebuilding itself by the efforts of Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaarna.

Blue Moon's comment:
Lukiae Ende Towayo is a cruel tree that sheds all its leaves once every 60 years, forcing elves to wander around for a year before leaves grow again. But then again, why do the elves need the leaves?
Population: 3200
Industry: Weapons, Armor, Metals
The short but hardy dwarves live in this village. Due to the altitude, the area is pretty cold. The dwarves mine various ores from the mountains surrounding the area and use these to forge metals and metal works. The Dwarves make a living by trading these with Elves and Kobolds, but the trading itself is usually done by the few humans that live in the Great Forest. The dwarves also made armor and weapons from the abundant iron ore and sold them to the Scarlet Moon Empire. Thus, much of the strength of the Imperial Army could be credited to the superior arms forged by the dwarves. There are many famous craftsmen in dwarven history, but the most famous is Dowango. He was an expert as silver smithing, and the "silver feather" that he made is said to have floated in mid-air. The architecture in this village is unique, featuring a curved, circular roof with designs, and the house itself is cylindrical with round glass windows.

Blue Moon's comment:
Technology galore! With such technology, the dwarves should be ruling the world... I mean, the windfire cannon, burning mirror, fire spears, and other apocalyptical weaponry... How can this be possible?
Population: 1700
Industry: Agriculture
This is where the Kobolds--anthropomorphic canines--live. Kobolds tend to be cheerful and smaller in height compared to humans. Kobolds normally live as humble farmers, but are also hardy warriors in times of war. The current Mayor, Kuromimi, and the Vice-Mayor, Gon, were participants during the Gate Rune Wars and are well respected in the village. The houses in this village have steep, red roofings and are made of wood. Houses don't have windows, and somewhat resemble dog-houses.

Blue Moon's comment:
I'd hate to live here... I'm allergic to dogs for some reason.
The magic placed on the Forest of Illusion was woven by the "Six Wise Men of the Forest" after the Great Contract was signed between the races. Due to this magic and the Scarlet Moon Empire's policy of keeping the Great Forest a secret, common people did not know of the existence of dwarves, elves, and kobolds. The forest has been a haven for animals due to the magical ward, but the ward was broken after Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves) was destroyed. Since then, humans have started to enter the forest.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place where players get to massacre kobolds for the first time.
A mountain pass that links the Great Forest region to the Village of the Dwarves. Odd pieces of advanced technology start to reveal themselves towards the exit of the pass.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place where players get to hunt some dwarves. Oddly the dwarves won't care even if you kill millions of these dwarves.
Dwarves are known to possess many arcane secrets and inventions, but tradition forces them to keep almost all of these hidden in the Dwarven Safe. Most of the inventions, however, are only left in the form of blueprints. The Burning Mirror that destroyed the Elven Village was one such invention. The Burning Mirror functions by collecting "Warmth" from the air and releasing it as "light," causing great destruction. In the deepest depth of the safe is said to lay "the weapon to be used in the end of the world," but due to the tendency of dwarves to exaggerate, most people don't believe this.

Blue Moon's comment:
One of the few awkward attempts of Suikoden at emulating Wild Arms.
Pannu Yakuta is the residence of generals who govern the Great Forest, and used to be the headquarters for Barbarossa during the Succession War. The castle is built on top of an old ruin--said to be Sindarin in origin.

Blue Moon's comment:
An odd castle with an odd background which would never be used in future plots. Oh yes, and odd name, too.