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Falena : Ceras Lake / Ruins / Castle

In southern Falena, part of the Feitas River was dammed by the Sindar people, to create a manmade lake, called Ceras Lake. This was created to cover up a great castle, also created by the Sindar, on the southeastern edge of the lake, for reasons nobody knows. The dam can only be controlled by the ruins on the western edge of the lake, which are tied in closely with the Dawn Rune. Without one of the three runes of Falena, nothing can be done about the sluice. During the Sun Rune War, the sluice gate is opened by the Prince of Falena (using the Dawn Rune) for the purpose of destroying Hatred Fortress, and the castle occupied for a short time as the base of operations for the Liberation Army. For strategy purposes, the sluice gate is closed again later in the war, only to be opened later.