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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Lenankamp

Population: 7500
Industry: Trade, Armor

Lenankamp is a town located south of Gregminster. The Liberation Army's hideout was originally located in Lenankamp. For that reason, imperial soldiers often led raids into houses in Lenankamp in search of traitors. The main street of Lanankamp is always bustling with people, and the only smithy in the Land of Arlus is located here. "Keyaki (Zelkova)" Inn is the most famous inn in Lanankamp. Lenankamp is famous for its circlets, which are sold in the armor shop.

Blue Moon's comment:
Meg's parents live here, too. She is one of the few stars of destiny to have both parents alive and together. Oh yes, and "Keyaki" of the "Keyaki Inn" means zelkova, as in the zelkova tree.