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Suikoden IV: Guides: Comment box

A listing of the letters received in the comment box
Suikoden IV: Guides: Comment

Comment Box Letters

The Comment box has been a staple of the Suikoden series since the second installment. As before new comments turn up after a period of time has passed: these comments could be from any recruited character, but they do follow some rules:

  • All characters leave three comments, except for the hero and Mizuki; the reasons for the latter is given in Akaghi's third comment.
  • Comments occur in order for each charcter with one exception (see below)
  • Comments that require a plot trigger must occur within that set timeframe
  • Comments about characters not yet recruited will not appear until those characters join the Hero.
  • Comments for stars earlier in the list are more likely to appear than those for stars towards the end.
The exception concerns Paula, Jewel and Keneth: all three have a comment about the knights left behind in Razril; this comment will only appear before Razril is liberated. If the comment hasn't been seen by then, or those characters were not chosen at the start then the next comment for that character will be seen instead,
A consequence of this is that it is impossible to see all the comments on one playthrough.

In some comments the hero, ship or force will be named according to the players choices; for this reason when this occurs it will be represented by [Hero], [Ship] and [Force] in the following table.
Otherwise all comments have been reproduced as they are seen in the game; including Nico's inability to correctly identify Wendel's sex.

Lino En Kuldes
Good luck being in charge!Anyway, smileSetsu...
I know it seems like I ended up pushing
this onto you, but you're this ship's
leader now. We're counting on you.
Sorry this sounds like I'm lecturing
you, but here's a piece of advice: A
leader should always maintain a smile,
even when it gets tough. Otherwise, no
one will follow your lead. That's what
I've learned, at least.
What do you think of Setsu's gut?
I think it seems to be sticking
out again recently...
The comment box is a good idea, but...Eat well and sleep well.You've been good to me.
Take the opinions in moderation.
Don't get carried away by them.
You have to be firm in your purpose.
That's the duty of a leader.
When you get some time,
it is a good idea to rest.
With an alert mind, you'll be
able to make better decisions.
Thanks for everything.
I wasn't able to do much for you.
I'm sorry.
Don't mind meAldo...Fish
If you've got no business
don't come approach me.
What's with that Aldo guy?
He looks kind of familiar...
I just want to be left alone.
When you see him, tell him to
just mind his own business.
I never really cared much for fish, but
that tuna I had earlier was good...
GreetingsI love the fish!Mr. Shiramine sure is amazing!
Yo! How's it going?
I heard about this comment box thing,
and I just wanted to give it a try...
Okay, later.
The fish in Razril was good, too,
but the fish caught fresh on this ship
sure tastes extra delicious!
Oooooh!! I can't get enough of it!
I cast a net and fished
with Mr. Shiramine, but his skills
with a net were amazing!!
I'm hoping he can teach me to
be as good as him someday.
HelloI miss the smell of grass...Axel
My name is Izak.
I heard there was a room where
people were cultivating plants,
so i paid a visit. Those two...
Who in the world are they?
He is quite a promising youth.
He might look good in a mustache.
Looking forward to working with you.ElvesMarks in Na-Nal
Well, since I'm working under you
now, I just wanted to post a greeting.
I look forward to working with you.
Since coming on board,
I've talked to all sorts of people,
and maybe elves are'nt so bad.
It's just a little thought I had.
Just a little one.
In Na-Nal a person's role in the
village is determined by the mark
on their foreheads!

For example, a blue triangle pointed
upwards like mine means...


Um sorry.
I'll ask my father next time.
WellShipAbout Paula
I will be in your care for a while.
I hope things will work out.
I will try my best to help.
This is my first time getting on
a ship, and I am pleased to say
it is quite a comfortable experience.
It seems her late mother once lived
in our village...
She must have been banished,
just as I was.
I wonder if Paula has any desire
to return to that village...
Having so many people around
makes me a bit nervous. It's been
a long time since I've talked to
people, so I've been feeling tense.
Have you noticed that Ted avoids
people like the plague?
I hope I can do what I can
to be his confidant.
Ted spoke to me just a little
about his Rune.
How are you?Friendship JournalMicky
My dear friend,
do your best for everyone,
but don't overwork yourself.
My friend, you may find this surprising,
but Sir Charlemagne and I have been
getting along quite well...
He is a wonderful gentleman.
It seems he is writing for the
newspaper, I hope everyone gets
the chance to read it. I am sure it
will make him quite pleased.
How are you?My dreamThose guys
Um, um... I just wanted to say
I'm a little hungry. Okay, see ya!
You know, I still dream of becoming
a famous merchant someday. When
we head out, I'm gonna take detailed
notes of everything being sold.
Nalkul and Champo are saying I'm
some kind of hero! Isn't that cool?
I wonder if those rumors started
after I snuck off Nay Island...
HelloThe other knightsRacial barrier
This is Paula.
Well, please do your best.
I wonder if they are safe...
It worries me.
For as long as I have known, there has
been much tension between humans and
elves, I have lived among humans for
years, but I have yet to find the answer
to how we might settle our differences.
HiThe Obel kingRune of Punishment
I have my own ship, too, so I don't
intend to stay on this ship too long.
Lino is an interesting king, I've
worked with him before. It was
just to subdue some punks, though.

But I can't help wonder what
the people of Obel think of
a king who deals with pirates...
Long ago, when the Rune of Punishment
passed to Brandeau, he changed.
What about you?
Has anything changed with you?
How are things?I'm worried about Razril, butRecently
Hey, I'm the same as always.
How are you doing? I know there
are a lot of things that we don't
understand about that Rune on
your left hand, but that aside, I hope
I can help you out as much as possible.
Is it alright for us to think only of
the Knights and their safety?
No, right?
I talk often with the other Knights,
and everyone's saying you've matured
quite a bit. I think so too.
Let's try our best to get through
this together.
A favorA favorA favor
Please take care of Mr. Akaghi and
Ms. Mizuki. Ms. Mizuki seems strong
but she has a soft side.
Please keep an eye on her.
Please take care of Mr. Akaghi and
Ms. Mizuki. Mr Akaghi can be fairly
careless, so please keep an eye on him.
There may be times when I am gone,
but please do not worry about me.
I ma just out on little errands.

I will not betray you.
You have my word.
HiIt's a little noisy!Nay-Kobolds
I hope we work well together.
This ship has too many people...
Isn't there anywhere I can be alone?
I'm jealous of them.
They're so fluffy...
To [Hero]The KnightsMy father
It seems you are adored by everyone
quite a bit.

That's all.
I still dream abut the days
when we were trainees.

Oh, the memories...
I miss those days.
I probably won't be able to see
my father again...

I think I can now understand
a little of how you feel,
not having a father.
If you have a problemCedricEugene
You lent someone money, but you can't
get it back. Do you have a problem like
that? If you do, give me a call! I'll
collect it in a snap, even if they try
to run away! Just leave it to me!
Somehow, when I'm looking at him,
it just makes me want to pick on him...
I just can't explain it...
You know, if only Eugene had
a little more guts...

It's not just that I'm taking sides because
he's a spear-user like me, but I think
he's got potential.
The shipI'm sorry!Mr. Karl
If the ship is damaged, I just need
to tell Mr. Tov, correct?
I was surprised when Mr. Lo Hak
told me I was cute!
I jumped a little in my surprise,
and it resulted in a hole in the floor!
I'm sorry!
Mr. Karl is so impressive. When bad
monsters approach, all I hear is bam,
crack, crunch, and they're gone!
I intend to imitate him next time!
MoneyMy feetMs. Rachel is...
I guess you need money when you eat
outside. They all say, "Want to have
a bite?" so I did, but...
It seems I had something called
the True Holy Rune soon after I was born.
I thought it was pointless to have
such a thing, but I hope you can
make good use of it.
I don't have any more debt, but
Ms. Rachel keeps coming after me.
It's scary...
Oh, lost onesThe confession room is...Once in a while
Are there any who are sinful?
Oh, lost ones, come to the confession
room. Please tell everyone that.
The confession room is not a room for
ratting people out. I cannot do anything
when people tattle on someone else.
Really, young people these days!
Sir [Hero], you should come
to the confession room, as well.
Let us judge together!
I will be indebted to you.Everyone is strong.The sea breeze...
Joining the [Force]
was my ultimate wish.
I am grateful to be accepted
as part of your group.
Until now, i had thought there was
no one who was a better swordsman than
I, but everyday now, I learn that
that is hardly the case.
It was a mistake to board the ship
with a chain mail...
I wash it daily, but it is always
on the verge of rusting!
I look forward to working with you.Old StoryPlease take care of Katarina
Around the time you were a trainee
in Gaien, I had already retired. I don't
know how far an old man like myself
can go, but I will do my best.
Long ago, I was a magic instructor
for the Knights of Gaien. I even
instructed Katarina, who is now
Vice Commander.
Katarina must be having a tough time
with Commander Glen gone.
Katarina is... No, she should tell you
about her and Commander Glen.
How are you?Na-Nal is...Well...
Hanging in there?
I'm doing all right, I guess.
I'm a little worried about Razril,
It's my homeland, but...
Oh, I'm sure you knew.
It's a hard place to live. The Island
Chief is an awfully pesky old man.
That's why I left as fast as I could
and came to Gaien to join the Knights.
Isn't it great that Snowe
was all right? After all,
we were friends, you know?
Thank youKnightsMaster Konrad
For letting me on board
the [Ship].
I'd like to do my best to try and
reinstate the Knights in some form
or another.

Even if we no longer swear loyalty
to Gaien...
I never thought Master Konrad
would be joining us on board.
After all, he is a master from back
when I was a trainee...
Lo Seng
Yeah!I got scoldedAre we landing soon?
The [Force] is awesome!
The bar I stopped by gave me
wine for free when I said,
"I'm a member of the [Force]"!
I heard there was a lot of wine
in Ms. Elenor's room, but when I went
there to get some, a yappy girl
yelled at me for some reason.
It was just one bottle...
Being on a ship is nice and all,
but nothing beats living on land!
Net fishingI was surprisedUgetsu
Won't you come to cast a net?
I think it will be a great diversion.
I have been a fisherman all my life,
but never hae I caught a mermaid
before! It was unbelievable!
He is a wonderful fisherman.
I've heard all sorts of stories
about him, and many people
think he's a genius.
Lo Fong
How boringThese are my rankngsThe people on this ship
Please let me know if we visit any
ports, I want to go shopping and stuff.
3rd place ? Mr. Gunter
He's pretty cool.
2nd place ? Mr. Konrad
1st place ? That's gotta be Mr. Izak!
Oh, definitely!
They're all working so hard.
Does that mean we siblings should
work a little more seriously, too?
My apologiesShiramineJoin me, Mr. [Hero]!
I've never been on such a big ship,
so I still get lost every now and then.
Once in a while, I end up in your room
by mistake. I'm sorry.
I fished Shiramine up...
I've done a terrible thing...
Please come fish with me!
After all, the more fishing friends
you have, the more fun it is!
Lo Hak
Hey, heyIf it were my choice...Steamed buns
I've gone to the touble of gracing
the [Force] with my presence,
so you gotta use me more!
Ms. Katarina
Ms. Maxine
Ms. Helga
I think they could totally be put in
charge of the Beauty Attack.
Don't you think so?
I've recently gotten addicted to
Ms. Pam's steamed buns.
Hello!Nalleo is amazingMy mother
My mother told me to try writing
a letter, so I did.

How are you?
Please take care, okay?
I often eat with Nalleo.
Nalleo wants to become
a pirate when he grows us.
Isn't that awesome?
I would like to become someone who can
protect my mother when I grow up.
I am in your debtThe Rune of PunishmentMr. Dario
I hope Rakgi has not been a bother.
He is still a child, so if he does
any mischief, please scold him.
Does it trouble your soul?
Please do not push yourself too hard.
Mr. Dario is an interesting person.
Rakgi seems to be a big fan
of Mr. Dario
This ship is mine now!!You know...Brec...
Yeah, right.
Don't worry, I'm just kidding.
You show quite a bit of promise.
You should just take the plunge
and become a pirate, like me!
He gets pretty wild when he's
pissed off. Unlike me, he's no
gentleman. Just letting you know...
Call me if you get into a naval battleFoodHey!
I'll be sleeping until then.
The food here is great!
Bring me some more!
I got less food than everyone today!
What the hell's the meaning of this?!
Mr Setsu's gut...Music BoxMy mother
I feel like it's really starting
to stick out lately...
I should tell him to exercise.
My mother's momento, the music box...
It has a very nice melody. Would you
like to listen to it with me next time?
She's gone now, but at one time,
my mother possessed the Rune of
Punishment, just like you, [Hero].

I wonder how she felt about
having that Rune...
Space to put booksHelloMs. Agnes
I'm happy that there's more space
to put books than I expected.
Perhaps we could even turn my room
into one big bookshelf.
I wanted Lady Elenor to teach me all
sorts of things, but she always seems so
busy... So, I will be patient for now.
Why is Ms. Agnes always by
Lady Elenor's side?
It's not fair!
YoThat MitsubaMr. Reinhold
Hope we get along! I'm not too good at
writing, but I look forward to working
with you!
She's apparently mouthing off about
beating me or something.
Heh, she only wishes!
It seems like Mitsuba knows
about his weakness.
Poor guy.
I will make an engraving.Model for the engravingPlace for the engraving
Since I am here, I would like to make
an engraving on board this ship
and put it on display.
I will select a model for the engraving
You have no need to worry.
I have asked Ms. Louise for permission
to display it in the saloon.
HelloRune ShopBath
I am here to serve you.
It will be a pleasure working with you.
I have opened my own shop.
Thank you very much. Please
drop by when you get a chance.
Thank you very much for
the pleasant bath.
I always use it with great care.
HelloMy younger sistersOur room
My name is Lilon.They cannot write much.
They seem to have no desire to learn
no matter how I teach them.
There is water at our feet,
so out feet never become dry.
It is a good room.
IntroductionsEvil deeds are unforgivable!My dream
My name is Gary and fate has brought me
here to accompany you. I am happy
to have made your acquaintance.
The Kooluk's evil deeds are
unforgivable! I will be praying
that you will be victorious!
I would like to someday live
a quiet life with my wife.

I suppose that dream would
only be possible after we
reclaim peace in this land.
I look forward to working with youThe foodPlease do your best
My husband and I will be in your debt.
Thank you.
It is quite delicious. However, I am
a bit envious that it seems to suit my
husband's palatte more than my cokking.

I have therefore decided to learn
how to make these dishes myself.
Someone such as myself can only
cheer you on, but... Please at least
take my sentiments with you.
I look forward to working with you.We may be pirates, but...Keen...
Lady Kika has told me to come over here
for a while.
I look forward to working with you.
Not all pirates are bad people.There was once a time when I belonged
to the fleet of Middleport. The lord of
Middleport wants to get rid of people
like me who know the secrets of the
fleet. That's why Keen is...
Pirates!Lady KikaDario
Now you got pirates on your side!
Pretty cool, huh?
We said we'd work with you guys, but
the deal's off if if something bad happens
to Lady Kika!
How long is that Dario bastard
going to act like he's our senior?!
Well, he is our senior, but...
Caring for young MasterI am writing a novel in the newspaper.Young Master
I am worried that young Master will
get carried away and become injured.
Please watch over him.
I asked Mr. Perrault to allow me to
write a novel in the newspaper.
Please let me know what you think.
Young Master is suffering from
seasickness. Is there any good way
to cure seasickness?
AppraisingTreasures of the seaI say appraise, but...
Mr. [Hero], please take a look
at the names of the items you have.
Are there any that have "?" in the
name? If so, please bring them to me.
I will appraise them for you right away!
I hear that if you cast a net,
you can sometimes haul up
treasure as well as fish.
Have you tried it?
The other day, Lilin brought a seashell
and told me to appraise it.
I had trouble because she wasn't
satisfied when I told her that
a seashell is just a seashell.
You know, appraising is about
investigating what something is worth,
not assigning new value to it.
Hmm...I see...Kingdom of Obel
So, this is the comment box.
I understand.
I will try using it every so often.
I'm glad I got on board this ship,
I've obtained various information, too.
It seems there are a lot of people
who hate Cray after all.
It was my first time on Obel, but that
was a beautiful island.
I've taken a liking to it.
Please be good to themMint...Need Mushrooms?
The precious mushrooms that I worked
hard to grow...
Please be good to them, Hehe.
The mint...
The mint...
It disturbs the sacred ground
of mushrooms...
Please help, please help,
Sir [Hero]...
If it's just a little,
I won't mind sharing some.
I won't give any to greedy people.
At your serviceHobbySir Gareth
I doubt my pursuers will chase me
on board this ship, but I will try
not to be too conspicuous.
I don't want to cause trouble.
It isn't much of a hobby, but...
I've recently gotten some spare wood
from Mr. Tov and I am carving
birds and animals.
They're pretty small, so you can
hold them in your hands.
I spoke to him on various matters
concerning carvings. Specialists
of the trade certainly are different.
I've learned a lot, but I still
intend to keep carving wood
in my own way
Let's make a promiseWhy?Colton...
I'll help you end this war
quickly. If you think I'm about
to betray you, then kill me.
How can the people on this ship be kind
to someone such as me?
I cannot comprehand.
So, you captured him. He will likely not
work with you. But if possible, would
you wait a bit before disposing of him?
A favorMaster WarlockMaster Warlock...
Please increase the number of
Rune Cannons.
I am asking Master Warlock about
various things concerning Rune Cannons.
No matter what I ask Master Warlock,
he will not tell me anything.
Could it be that he hates me?

I will try persisting a while longer.
HiThe secret to good luckThat person
I was right to move to this ship,
after all.
The itchiness in my nose is gone, too.
Try equipping a Lottery Ticket.
Good things'll happen...
That person at the Rune shop...
Ms. Jeane, was it?

Doesn't she catch colds, dressed
like that? I feel lkie I'll catch
a cold just looking at her. Sheesh.
WerdsLetterNo way
HardRiting is hard werkCant rite werds
I will be staying hereBad humansWant to swim
I hope we get alongPlease catch them soonWhen the bad humans are gone,
I'll swim lots in the ocean.
Ship's hygieneI am impressedMr. Trishtan
It will be terrible if a contagious
disease develops on board. Please wash
hands and gargle on a daily basis.
The other day, I saw Mr. Champo
catch a rat with incredible speed.
I think it's a good thing,
considering the hygiene of this ship.
I think he may become bedridden with
shock if he learns that the medicine
he is taking is just flour. So please,
do not tell Mr. Trishtan the truth,
for his sake.
HelloDoctor neglecting his own health...The people in the saloon
I'm Carrie.
I'm Dr. Yu's assistant.
Best of luck to you!
Dr. Yu won't rest at all. At this rate
he'll eventually collapse.
Please, warn him for me as well.
It is nice that there are so many
fun people. I come to chat every
so often.
I'll introduce myself!If I dieLong ago...
I'm Lady kika's number one man,
Dario! No one messes with me!
Well, since I'm a pirate,
there's no knowing when I might die.
When I do, please take care of Nalleo for me!
Got it?
That Louise put little Nalleo in my care
and disappeared. She said "Don't ask."
"Don't ask," my butt!
Well, that's a long time ago,
so I'm not going to gripe about it.

But Nalleo's my son!
I ain't handing him over to anyone now!!
On this occasionStanding guardMr. Reinbach
Thank you for allowing me
to accompany you. I had no idea
that you were such an incredible person.
Sir [Hero],
we will take turns standing guard
in front of your room.

Please rest at ease.
It seems he is not such as bad person,
after all.
Train everydayMs. MitsubaTraining...
I had this room made for everyone
to train in. I shall instruct you
from beginning to end.
No need to stand on ceremony.
Ms. Mitsuba is a good sparring partner.
That is all.
The use of the training hall is
rather poor.
This is a grave matter!
...PabloRune Cannnons
By way of a greeting...Tell Pablo not to take an interest
in Rune Cannons.
It would be better not to get too close
to the muzzle of a Rune Cannon.
I am in your debtMr. RamadaMizuki
I look forward to working with you.
I'm sure it'll only be for a short
while though.
He seems to have a lot of troubles.
I think his superiors were always on his
case, and he had a rough time with it.
And well... we didn't cut him any slack,
either. We pretty much said what we
wanted to say.
Mizuki tends to be pretty secretive,
so I doubt you'll get a letter from her.
Too bad for you!
I look forward to be working with youMissing personMs. Louise
It seems this ship is on a tremendous
journey. I'll help out if there's
anything I can do.
I'm looking for an old acquaintance --
a woman who left me many years ago.
I feel like she resembles the woman
I knew long ago -- especially the way
her eyes look.
ElevatorOh...In the end
How is it? Is the ride comfortable?
It not only goes down, but goes up
properly, too, right?
The elevator is not a playground,
I am troubled by people who ride it
up and down for no reason at all.
If they get dizzy doing it,
I will not be held responsible.
The elevator is rather dull compared
to Ms. Viki's teleportation...

But it's okay...
Because it's fun, isn't it?
Up, down, up, down...
GreetingsTreasure mapsTreasure hunting
My name is Rene.
I look forward to working with you.
If you find a treasure map, please bring it
to me.
I'll analyse it...

Oh, for free, of course!
Do you have any maps that have already
been analyzed? If you do, let's go
treasure hunting!
I will tag along on my own,
so please don't worry about me!
What's a comment box?Today's scheduleOrder
Do I just write something
and put it in the box?
50 sit-ups
Take a bath
30 push ups
Sword maintenance
Lipstick: 1
Cream: 1
Powder: 2
Eye shadow: 2

A total of 6 items.
That's what I'm planning to order.
I've been saving up for this!
Well...Crow's nestWendel is...
My name is Nico.
Please don't say anything like,
"I don't remember letting you on board."

I stand guard over the ship
under His Majesty's orders.
I lok forward to working with you.
When I'm up in the crow's nest,
I sometimes get a strange feeling.
The wind and the waves somehow
sound like they're talking...
It's true.
Well, he's not a bad guy, but he just
keeps following me, even though
I said I don't need any apprentice...
All right!!NicoDamn it!
I'm on board!
On this ship!!!
I've decided that I'm going to become
a great lookout when I grow up!
So I'm going to learn all sorts
f things from Nico!
Don't get in my way! Got it?!
I'll never be a match for Nico's
sense of sight...
Isn't there any kind of magic that
will make me see better?
Ah...This shipForbidden Room
So, this is the comment box.
No comment.
Previously, in the Kingdom of Obel,
there was a contest of shipwrights.
I came in second, but for some reason,
I was entrusted with the designing
of this ship.
I thank His Majesty for that.
Mushrooms and mint and...
I was certain there was no room there
when I designed it...
where did it come from?
I look forward to working with you.Making clothesMaterials for clothes
Hello, I will be relying
on your hospitality for a while.
I have decided to share Mr. Tov's
room, so I look forward to working
with you.
I can make clothes that are not sold
in stores. If you are interested,
please bring me materials.
Cloth is one thing, but gathering the
supplimentary material is likely
to prove more difficult.
I will do my best to make clothes
of the utmost quality.
Hello...Mr. Jango and companyLord Lino
This is Eugene.
Don't worry about me.
I won't disappoint you!
Mr. Jango and his friend often come
to the bridge...

Those two couldn't be planning
to take over the ship, could they?
I want to become a spear-user
like Lord Lino...
I better work hard.
Hiya!JeremyTraining, training!
How you doing?
I'm doing great!
Do you know him?
He's so pathetically weak!
You might be better off not taking him.
Have you been training?
Go visit Mr. Reinhold's training hall
once in a while, okay?
He seemed a little lonely.
I is surprisedMy older sisterHello
I is swimming
and suddenly
a net came along
and I is catched
I is surprised
My older sister
is nice
is happy
How are you
please do your best
WindowsTown at IluyaPremonition
There are many kinds of windows.
Please come see me whenever you feel
like changing the mood of the room.
I was hired to do a window job
by someone in Iluya, but then...
well... you know. It's so sad.
I hope they can help recover soon.
I had a feeling that you would come
today to have some windows changed.
I wonder if I'll be right...
About me...About mint...Mushrooms...
Don't... forget...
Darling mint...
Please give them...
lots of care...
Mushroom Army...
The Mushroom Army is invading...
Sir [Hero]...
Pleased to meet youLord ReinbachRepetoire
I will perform to the best of my
abilities to soothe everyone's souls.
Please come listen anytime.
he seems to be suffering from severe
seasickness... It worries me.
If my performance would lighten his
suffering even just a little...
The number of pieces I can play
for you have gradually increaded.
I shall be waiting in the saloon,
so please feel free to come
call on my services anytime.
HelloMay-KoboldGhost Ship
Please call me if you have
any problems. I may be able
to help you. I may not

Yours truly, Viki
I gave him a fresh fish,
and he got mad at me!
I guess Nay-Kobolds aren't
the same as kitty cats.

From, Viki
That ghost ship...
I feel like I've seen it before,
though I don't remember
From, Viki
Let's get this straightAkaghi and companyHomeland
I plan to stay out of your way.
So Akaghi and Mizuki were alive.
I had thought everyone from my
homeland was dead...
Mizuki and I used to serve the same
person, but when that family died away,
our homeland was eradicated, too.
Now we have no home...
GreetingsLord ReinbachAh...
This ship is more wonderful that I had
imagined, I feel very honored to have
been allowed to join your company.
I am humbled that Lord Reinbach
would actually speak to me!
I feel as though I have just spent
an entire life's worth of good fortune.
The bath is splendid!
It is as if the day's fatigue
just melts away in the water.
I am grateful to Master Taisuke...
I won't lose!Ritapon!I can't lose!
Let's play again!
I'll practice until then.
No more losing for me!
I'm thinking of calling my game
"Ritapon!" Well, what do you think?
Isn't it a nifty name?
I played Noah's game.
I ended up with 10 wins, 11 losses...
I absolutely can't lose next time!!
King of ObelIn the bathNext goal
He was not impressed by my
camera technique,
but I believe that he does
appreciate the person that I am.
A certain person asked me to place
a camera in the bath, but I will
do no such thing!
I'd like to make a camera that can
record everyone's momories.

I don't want to forget the experiences
I've had on this journey.
NewspaperNewspaper NovelHey, hey
Are you reading the wall newspaper?
I'm also looking for people
to submit scoops. I'm counting on you!
Mr. Micky insisted, "Please, let me
write it," so I'm passing the baton!
I'll concentrate on reporting news,
so let me know if you get a scoop!
Bartholomew's that wanted guy, right?
Are you sure it's okay to let
a guy like that join up?
Well if anything happens, I won't
hesitate to write about it.
That's okay, right?
On this shipOskar darlingIt's not that I can see the future
There are lots of people with
interesting futures.
Was it you that drew them here?
Oskar isn't a real name.
That child has lots of other
secrets, too.
But don't ask, okay?
I can sometimes see other people
related to that person.
And that just happens to be people
they'll meet in the future sometimes.
Everyone says it's uncanny,
but this is normal for me.
Lady ElenorMs. TanyaI am studying, but...
If you have business with Lady Elenor,
please come to me first.
Lady Elenor is extremely busy.
I appreciate your cooperation.
She came up to me and asked me
to trade jobs with her...
Unbelievable! What nerve!
I know that I still have a long way
to go. I must work harder.
Mr. [Hero], I know
we are on seperate paths,
but let us both work hard.
Mt condition...Ms. Carrie's medicineDiet
I used to be able to do more before,
but ever since I became ill,
my condition has never truly recovered.
But I will do my best,
so I look forward to working with you.
I bought some medicine from Ms. Carrie
because Dr. Yu was out, but it doesn't
seem to be working at all.
How can she keep selling fake stuff
like this?
I'm on a low carb diet,
but honestly, I'm getting tired
of it. Do you know any good,
healthy recipies?
Whew!Play my gameRene
This ship has a lot of food to eat!
I ate a ton!
Thank's for all the food!!
I'll be in the saloon,
so come by to play once in a while!
Rene isn't very good at the game,
because every time we play,
I end up winning!
Please come anytimeCombiningLevelling up weapons
I'll temper your weapons anytime!If there's anything you don't understand
about combining armor, come to me.
I'll tell you about it!
Are you doing it properly?
Maintaining your weapons is important!
Please take care of His MajestyBathHis Majesty's whims
Do not allow His Majesty to go
anywhere dangerous!
If things get chaotic, let His Majesty
escape before anyone else!
Do you understand?
Baths are quite nice...
I am writing this note in the bath
to convey my appreciation.
If the paper is a little wet,
please pardon me.
I am always troubled by
His Majesty's whims.
But I suppose building this ship
was the right thing to do.
Allowing us on the shipGolden SealWe'll make it big
Thanks, for bringing us aboard!
Now it's our turn to work hard
for you Mr. [Hero]!
I apologise about the Golden Seal.
I won't do anything like that again,
I promise.
We're gonna be famous!
I don't know how yet, but I'm planning
on asking Mr. Chiepoo next chance I get!
Letters are hardFish are tastyI hate baths
Hey!Steamed bunsVarious flavors
[Hero], how's it going?
It's nice here with so many people.
I'll do my best to keep everyone's
stomach's happy, so you do your
best, too.
I received a steamed bun from Mr. Kevin.
It was delicious.
They're all fish dishes, but I had no
idea how different the flavoring is
depending on the locale.
There are people from various islands
on the ship, so it's very educational.
HelloAbout roomsGuests
I came on board this ship thinking
there would be a lot of rooms,
but it seems everyone is so busy
with their daily lives.

I shall keep the room where I study
interior decorating to one room.
Well, please come visit anytime.
Similarly themed furniture should
be placed in the ame room.
That way, each room will have
a more settled look.
Please give it a try.
I am happy that there are so
many guests on board the ship.
Oh yes, when you are here,
I return the contents to the way it
was, so please do not worry.
I have time, so maybe a letterHmm...Guess I'll write something
I was just bored, so I thought
I'd drop you a line or two.
Okay, that's all.
Writer's block...Today...
I had salad this morning.
It was good.
The end.
Let's play once in a whileRazrilMr. Funghi's cooking
I heard.
You're really working hard, huh?
Take it easy once in a while,
and drop by for a game or two.
It's still just getting started!
When you get back to Razril,
what do you want to do, [Hero]?
I had Mr. Funghi's cooking for the first
time since getting on the [Ship],
and I can't believe it! Were the Knights
really eating stuff like this everyday?
I'm going to eat like this everyday now!
HiWon't you come to play?My earnings
I can't fight, but you need
people like me, too, don't you?
You need to take a break
once in a while. Seriously.
I'll be waiting in the saloon
Hmm, I made the mistake of comparing
my day's earnings with Mr. Gunter's

You really shouldn' talk about
what you earn with other people.
I feel like crying.
HardCome play
once in a while
Come make
once in a while
Everyone...BodyIf you need me
They say I never laugh,
but that is absolutely not true.
I just do not have time to laugh
because I'm always training hard!
Your body is your greatest armor!
Are you diligently building up
your muscles, [Hero]?
I will always be training on the deck.
If you need me, please come up
to the deck.
This ship is niceHmm...Personal grooming
Everyone has such fun playing...
Thanks to that, I'm making a killing.
I have travelled through various towns
doing business in the past, but...
Maybe settling down in one spot
like here isn't a bad idea.
It's actually pretty profitable.
The sea breeze smell gets on you
right away when you're on the top
deck. I like to smell nice, so I
take baths every chance I get.
Reporting!Ms. LouiseLady Flare
I noticed that Mr. Ornan tends to
stare at Ms. Louise quite often.
Should we say something to him?
It seems like hard work, managing
such a large saloon all by herself.
If she would take me, I would be happy
to give her a hand...
Would that not work?
Please take care of Lady Flare.
After all, she is Obel's princess
Good grief!NalleoNalleo's father
Dario... Who'd have thought we'd run
into each other here of all places?
I'll just say it now -- there's nothing
between him and me.
Nalleo is looking for his mother?
I wonder if that Dario said something...
Well I'm a failure as a mother.
Please tell Nalleo that his mother died.
That's how it should be.
His father's dead.
That's for real.
Good grief... now it's come back to me.
That was such a long time ago...
HelloIluya IslandMr. Funghi
Please come have some steamed buns
once in a while.
I would like to reopen the cafe
on Iluya Island with my wife.
Please visit us when we do.
Mr. Funghi shared a bit of his cooking
with us. It was delicious!
I cannot allow myself to be beaten.
I'll work hard so I can
make even tastier steamed buns!
GreetingsThe trick to steamed bunsAlways
My husband and I have been making
steamed buns forever on Iluya Island.
From now on, we will make our
special steamed bons on this ship.
I look forward to your patronage.
The dough of a steamed bun is made by
mixing several kinds of flour and then
kneading it while adding boiling water.
But you must remember to knead it until
it as a soft as your earlobe!
Don't forget... About as soft as
a human earlobe. A human one.
I always carry dough and a steaming
basket with me. If you take me with
you, I can make steamed buns
outside as well.
Yo!The bath wallsPlants and things
Baths are nice!
I've always got a fresh bath ready!
You can take a dip as often as you want
in the day!
If you want a different kind of bath,
just let me know.
You can get a fresh feel
just by changing murals!
Mr. [Hero], you can place
anything you want on the satnd
in the bath room!
Hello!!My mother?Pirates
I am here, imposing on your hospitality
along with my father.
My name is Nalleo!
I look forward to working with you!!
Every so often, I hear stories
about something my mother did.
Does someone know who she is?
I wonder if she's alive.
If she is alive, I'd like
to meet her once.
My dream is to become a great pirate,
just like my father!
Would you like to join us, as well
Mr. [Hero]?
ChartsTaking the helmMs. Tanya
I know the seas in this area well
from the charts.
I've got it all in my head,
so just leave it up to me.
Actually, I've been told
to take the helm of this ship.
But it hurts my arm, so...

I'm sorry
It seems Ms. Tanya wants more space
to put away her books.
She's always eyeing my area.
It's kind of scary.
Deborah darlingTeaHello
Deborah is my close friend, but I
also owe my life to her. If it weren't
for her. I'd probably be just a...
No, no, enough about this. Anyway,
I look forward to working with you.
There are trading posts at various
towns, but there's no tea on the market?
How disappointing...
I had a bit of free time, so I'll try
sending out a letter.
How are you? Are you well?
please come visit once in a while.
GreetingsHelmet?In the future
Hi, this is Chadli. What do you
think of the selection at my shop?
It's certainly no worse than other
shops, right?
Everyone just keeps talking about
the helmet I'm wearing...
Is it that weird?
It's my favorite though.
This color's pretty neat, you know?
I'll save up money and buy a new helmet!
That's my dream right now.
What's your dream, Mr. [Hero]?