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This is a list of unites: their names, characters involved, and properties. Characters at the head of each list gets any kills recorded as theirs. Damage is usually calculated by the total damage the characters would deal without criticals, but including maximum number of swings possible. Many unites can only be used once per battle and are indicated under the "once" column. Execution time score is out of 100, where 100 is one complete turn's time.
2-person unites
in order for 2-person unites to be available, the characters must be paired together as buddies
NameCharacters involvedEffect on enemiesEffect on alliesOnceTime
Alma KinanYuiri, Yumi0.3x dmg to all y25
Best EffortCecile, Thomas1.5x dmg to one with a
12.5% chance for 3.0x dmg
Thomas unbalanced 40
ChildMelville, Alanis2.0x dmg to oneAlanis unbalanced 40
Clan ChiefLucia, Dupa0.3x dmg to all y95
CondemnationLandis, Ayame2.5x dmg to oneLandis asleep 35
Dragon Knight AFutch, Sharon1.5x dmg to oneSharon unbalanced 80
FighterJuan, Emily0.4x dmg to allEmily unbalancedy55
GadgetBelle, Gadget Zdmg to all equal to
Gadget's Max HP
Gadget's HP=1y80
Knight ABorus, Percival
(on foot)
1.5x dmg to one  90
Manany two: Wan Fu/Leo/Mua0.75x dmg to all in areaboth unbalanced 85
MaximilianFred, Rico2.0x dmg to oneRico unbalanced 80
Mercenary AAce, Joker0.5x dmg to all in areaAce unbalanced 50
Mercenary CDuke, Elaine0.6x dmg to all in areaDuke unbalanced 95
MountedSgt. Joe, Shabon1.2x dmg to one,
0.6x dmg to others in area
Sgt. Joe unbalanced 45
NinjaWatari, Ayame0.5x dmg to all in area y25
Set!Viki(big), Viki(small)0.4x dmg to all in area(big)Viki's HP halved 80
ShowdownBright, Gadget Z0.8x Fire-based dmg to all0.25x Fire-based dmg to othersy90
Wild RoarFubar, Hallec0.3x dmg to allboth Berserky60
WizardEstella, Rodydmg to all equal to total
MAG of both
Rody loses a level 1 and level 2 spell point 70
3-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect on enemiesEffect on alliesOnceTime
(Pretty Boy)
Futch, Franz, Fred2.5x dmg to one and becomes Berserk y60
(Handsome Clan)
Bazba, Sgt. Joe, Ruby2.0x dmg to one, chance of Silence  40
Bird (Bard)Nei, Toppo, Shabon0.3x dmg to all, status clearedstatus of all clearedy70
Dragon Knight BFutch mounted on Bright, Sharon0.5x dmg to all in area y60
GirlEmily, Sharon, Sanae Y2.0x dmg to oneEmily unbalanced  75
Knight BChris and any two: Leo/Percival/Borus
(on horseback)
1.0x dmg to one,
30% chance of Combat Stifle
Lovely WomanLucia, Estella, Yuiri0.5x dmg to all,
60% chance of Sleep
Pretty GirlViki(big), Mel, Belle0.7x dmg to all,
20% chance of Sleep
TintoLilly, Reed, Samus1.5x dmg to oneLilly Berserk,
Reed and Samus unbalanced
Triangle AttackDupa, Shiba, Bazba2.0x dmg to one y65
TwisterKenji, Joker, Juan0.5x dmg to allall 3 Paralyzedy 40
4-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect on enemiesEffect on alliesOnceTime
Mercenary DDuke, Elaine, Nicolas, Gauto one; see Damage Chart below y95
5-person unites
NameCharacters involvedEffect on enemiesEffect on alliesOnceTime
Bow-WowKoroku, Koichi, Connie, Kosanji, Kogoro3.0x dmg to oneall 5 unbalanced 95
Mercenary BGeddoe, Queen, Ace, Joker, Jacquesto one;
see Damage Chart below
Damage Chart for Mercenary B and Mercenary D
10% chance of 0.7x damage
40% chance of 1.0x damage
30% chance of 1.5x damage
15% chance of 2.0x damage
5% chance of 2.5x damage