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Everything you need to know about using the Hunter Rune to gain items.
Hunting Guide

The Hunter Rune, Which can be received through the Guardian Deity (Head/Body/Leg/Tail: either Unicorn/Turtle/Turtle/Unicorn or Unicorn/Unicorn/Turtle/Unicorn) or at the tree behind Genkaku's house in Kyaro after defeating the Beast Rune, is a weapon rune that forces enemies to drop an item (if they are programmed to randomly drop items) when a successful standard attack connects. The challenge is that the Hunter Rune makes your character's hit rate 5% and does 1 point of damage (3 points on a critical hit and causes Knock Down). Another problem is that, if an enemy drops different items, you cannot choose which item you get and you must leave it to the computer to decide. This guide provides some strategies to improve your Hunter Rune hit rate and offers some unproven ideas that might cause enemies to drop the less common item more often.

What is recommended
  • L-range character to equip Hunter Rune, with at least one open rune slot for a Double Beat Rune
  • Good Wind Rune users and/or many Wind of Sleep scrolls
  • Team members that have unites or special attacks that target single enemies
  • Auto-healing equipment, healing items, and healing magic (only necessary for tougher areas of the game)
  • A team consisting of high Luck and Speed, hopefully faster than your Hunter

The best way of hunting for items is equipping the Hunter Rune to an L-ranged character with as many open rune slots as possible.You NEED an L-range attacker because with the high miss rate, the enemy gets many opportunities to counter-attack. I don't think your hunter's Tech (Skill) stat has any effect on your hit chance but it won't hurt it, either. If Tech can even slightly influence the 5% hit rate, why not also equip Thunder Amulets and other Tech/Skill boosting equipment... The advantage of the Double Beat Rune is obvious: 2 attempts per turn is better than 1. If there is a second Rune slot availableAn alternate second rune (or third rune) that may not help at all is a Killer Rune. I've never tried hunting without a Killer Rune, and its description doesn't seem like it can improve anything, but if the critical hit formula is separate from a successful hit (it's more likely criticals are only determined after a successful hit, but we don't know exact formulas and information regarding this), Killer Rune and high Tech and Luck will help making a successful attack.

Recommended Hunters: Millie and Tengaar, for having 2 free rune slots each and B's for Wind affinity.

When an enemy is asleep, it cannot avoid any hit! The Hunter Rune will always hit a sleeping enemy... a high wind affinity may have a better chance of causing sleep with a Wind Rune, and a higher magic stat allows for more level 1 sleep spells. The Wind of Sleep scroll is not affected by affinity but still will be cast based on the user's Speed. Being able to cast sleep before your Hunter attacks may net you the item drop in the first round! Simply cast sleep on the row you are trying to hit...If you are in an area that is far away from a magic-recovery point/inn, you will want to conserve your magic spells. Use one sleep spell at a time; don't cast a sleep spell with every character!

Recommended sleep-casters: Luc (most spells, very high Speed), Meg (probably best chance of success due to her Luck), Stallion (allows you to run at anytime and very high Speed). All of these characters have a Wind affinity of A, which may improve the chance of causing sleep. Why not use all three?

Targetable attacks are a good way of isolating the enemy you want to hit with a Hunting Rune. Double Beat runes and characters that usually get extra attacks may screw you up. You don't want to accidentally kill or wake up your target if he hasn't been hunted yet. Sleep also causes the enemy to take double the normal physical damage (but not for hunter rune, still does 1 point), so you're even more likely to kill the enemy. Riou (Hero 2) probably won't be able to target just 1 enemy, so have him attack enemies at least 2 slots (up two or down two on the enemy list) away from your prey. I'm not sure how extra attacks work--whether they attack the guy "up" of the first enemy, or "down" the target list.I recommend characters such as Oulan and Anita, who can attack exactly 1 enemy and most likely kill it. Unite attacks are okay, but you may not be able to isolate the prey if too many characters wasted their turns working on one enemy.

When you want runes such as Rage and Thunder, those high-level enemies cannot be put to sleep! This is when you have to sit there for a long time, hoping to hit the bitch. They can dish out serious damage in only a few turns, so you'll want to be able to keep your party alive as it waits for the Hunter to hit. Characters such as Oulan have high magic defense and HP, and those nonsleepers usually use magic spells, so those types of characters will be able to last longer without needing to heal.

I'm not sure if Luck plays a role in this. Perhaps it can affect the Hunter Rune's chance of hitting and which item will be dropped once the Hunter wpn hits.. or maybe it just depends on the luck of the character who defeated the target. Perhaps Luck does nothing at all... but I simply recommend have an overall high Luck team anytime you want good items, not just when hunting.