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There's a lot of argument over who's better, Sheena or Killey. See them go head-to-head in a cagematch to the death. Or something.
Clash of the Titans
STR210 212
TECH186 170
H SlotFuryFury
RH SlotDouble-BeatDouble-Beat
LH SlotDouble-StrikeDouble-Strike
ArmorMaster GarbMaster Garb
Acc. 1Star EarringsFire Emblem
Acc. 2Power RingFire Emblem
Acc. 3Fire EmblemFire Emblem
Sheena and Killey go head-to-head in a test to see who is the ultimate warrior of Suikoden 2

If you've seen me post on various Suikoden message boards, you know these are my two favorite characters. They both have 3 open rune slots, an open weapon rune slot, good stats, and mostly open equipment slots. Especially if you've read The importance of rune slots, you know the first one is of utmost importance. Of the characters who fit the first two qualities, Sheena and Killey excel the most stat-wise, so they are the natural best. I decided to see who is the best of the two, so I beefed them up as much as I could at level 99, then tested them. Here were their setups...

When tested against weaker enemies, Killey did up to 10% more damage than Sheena did. However, as the enemies got stronger, the gap closed. Against the Beast Rune, Killey about 1% better. Killey wins in that category. Some of their stats tell a bit of a different story, though. While Killey easily beats Sheena in speed, Sheena has the upper hand in technique(very important), and defense. While Killey does have a slight advantage by being able to equip one more accessory than Sheena due to Sheena's unremovable Star Earrings, it still leaves him a bit behind in defense. But then, if I had taken the time to get more power rings instead of fire emblems, Killey would inflict a bit more damage. Overall, they are about equal! The fact that the stats differ slightly from game to game further makes the winner more ambiguous. My advice is, put both of them in your party and you will never be beat.