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A guide to all of the hidden scenes in the Bath, along with each of the individual baths and the ornaments used to decorate them.
Level 1: Drum Can Baths
30 characters or less
Characters sit inside their own cans full of water. It's a retrofitted storage room more than a bath...
Level 2: Cypress Baths
31-60 characters
Now that's more like it. The room has been done up with cypress wood, feeling more like a sauna than a storage room.
Level 3: Marble Baths
61-100 characters
Since the castle has more money, you can afford to have a bath made completely out of marble. It looks so Roman, like an orgy could break out any minute.
Level 4: Jungle Baths
101 characters or more
The bath has been carved out of stone, and there are a lot of plants around, giving the room a tropical feel. I'd worry about stray monkeys, though.
Level 5: Open Air Baths
Bathe in the Jungle Baths 20 times
Now instead of retrofitting the storage room, you just go outside. It's odd that the point of an open-air bath would be the view, but everyone's facing the other way.
Flik & Viktor
Riou, Flik, & Viktor in Cypress Baths
Viktor. Hey Riou. Have you gotten bigger?
Flik. Sure. Cause he's working hard. Unlike you for example.
Viktor. What's that supposed to mean?
Flik. Just what it sounds like.
Viktor. What're ya talking about? I'm doing my part too.
Flik. What part?
Viktor. Well, umm...for example, I'm restricting myself to 5 cups of rice at dinner....
Riou. ........................
Flik & Viktor 2
Riou, Flik, & Viktor in Jungle Baths
Viktor. Hey, Riou. Do you think I've put on weight?
Flik. What do you expect when you eat that much, fatso?
Viktor. What did you say!!!! Who are you calling fatso!!!!
Flik. I'm calling you fatso, tubby.
Viktor. What are you talking about!!! This here is muscle!!!!
Flik. Okay. It's a big fat piece of muscle.
Viktor. Grrrrrrr..........!
Riou. ...............................
Bolgan, Gantetsu, & L.C. Chan in Drum Can Baths
Gantetsu. Must clean head!!! Scrub so it shines!!
Gantetsu. Purification!!
L.C.Chan. Purification!!
Bologan. Purific....What?
The three heads shine.
Flik & Viktor 3 (Now with 100% more Nina!)
Riou, Flik, Viktor, & Nina in Marble Baths
Viktor. So Flik, how are 'things' going lately?
Flik. What do you mean...'things'?
Viktor. What do you think? Women of course. Eh, Romeo?
Flik. Grow up. Or would you like me to sheate Odessa in you?
Viktor. You say that, but are you sure there's not someone......
Flik. Ridiculous!!! Belive me there's nobody I like even a little!!!!
Nina. Huh? What!!!!!!!! Not even a little!!!!!!!!!!
Viktor. ...............................
Bouncing Octopi
Abizboah & Rulodia, 6 Octopus Urns
The two octopi bounce around.
Peeing Boy statue in top-right slot
The statue pees into the water. Sure, it's only a fountain, but it's still icky.
Blossoming Flowers
Place 6 Vases and 2 Flower Paintings
Flowers grow from the Vases with a nice sound.
Evil Dolls
Place 6 Hex Dolls
The eyes of the dolls shine and the room gets dark.
Even More Evil
Place 6 Hex Dolls and 2 Graffiti
The eyes of the dolls shine, the room gets dark, blood drips from the eyes of the paintings, and the water in the bath turns into blood.
Place 6 Chinese Dishes
Wakaba and L.C. Chan fall down and look around.
The Genius Appears
Place 6 Persian Lamps
A genie appears.
Fighting Greens
Place 3 Goddess Statues (Women's side) and 3 Knight Statues (Men's side)
The Goddess Statues turn green and the Knight Statues draw their swords.
Place 6 Blue Dragon Urns and 2 Landscape Paintings
Two dragons appear.