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A guide to the hidden scenes in the Bath, along with each of the individual baths and the ornaments used to decorate them.
Bath types

Drum Can Baths
Level 1: Drum Can Baths
Castle level 1 (24 characters or less)
It should satisfy for the time being. Rain barrels filled with water, simple but serves it's purpose.
Cypress Baths
Level 2: Cypress Baths
Castle level 2 (25-44 characters)
As your castle increases, so will automatically your bath.
Marble Baths
Level 3: Marble Baths
Castle level 3 (45-89 characters)
The Marble Baths comes with castle level 3. Enjoy the expensive arrangement.
Jungle Bath
Level 4: Jungle Baths
Castle level 4 (90 characters or more)
Since the bath is merely the only enhancement of the last castle level, this one is definitely worth it. It even alters the music to a tropical sound.


Failure Urn
10 Bits
Octopus Urn
500 Bits
2500 Bits
Wide Urn
4000 Bits
Persian Lamp
7500 Bits
Blue Dragon Urn
8000 Bits
Celadon Urn
10000 Bits
Black Urn
20000 Bits
Fine Bone China
60000 Bits


Hex Doll
60 Bits
Japanese Dish
3000 Bits
Chinese Dish
6000 Bits
Peeing Boy
16000 Bits
25000 Bits
Knight Statue
30000 Bits
Goddess Statue
100000 Bits


100 Bits
Flower Painting
7000 Bits
Lover's Garden
29000 Bits
Landscape Painting
40000 Bits
Beauties of Nature
200000 Bits

Fun in the baths

Stay in the baths for a few minutes
The warmhearted temperature will boil up your characters to a nice crimson complexion.
On the other side
On the other side
Enter the baths with Milich and an all-male party.
Either he can't decide where he belongs to, or he takes the chance for his privacy.
Enter the baths with Fuma in your party
Fuma is nowhere to be seen, is he?

Antique combinations

Evil Dolls
Evil Dolls
6x Hex Doll
You shouldn't save this particular decoration, as these dolls could potentially jinx you.
Bloody Tears
Bloody Tears
6x Hex Doll & 2x Graffiti
Blood is comming out of the paintings and drops from the celling. The bath turns dark and some strange music plays.
Blossoming Flowers
Blossoming Flowers
6x (any combination of) Vase/Wide Urn/Octopus Urn/Celadon Urn/Black Urn/Blue Dragon Urn/Fine Bone China
& 2x (any combination of) Landscape Painting/Beauties of Nature
Say it with flowers.
The Genius Appears
The Genie Appears
6x Persian Lamp
Make a wish... A high-elemental rune perhaps?
1x Peeing Boy (upper right corner)
For a nice little shower, place a peeing boy at the upper right corner.