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A full list with all pieces of armor, along with their corresponding classes and sources.
The list is divided into four sections: Head gear, Body gear, Shields and Accessories.

Bits: Lists the value of the item which equates to the purchase price. The selling price is always half the value.
Wear: The item can be worn by the listet armor classes. Consult the list further below for details.

More items come initially equipped on several characters. Check the Initial Equipment List for further details.

Head gear

Bandanna50C1Shop: Gregminster #1
Loot: Crow
Headband300CE2Shop: Gregminster, Rockland, Lenankamp
Pointed Hat1200C5Prevents "Balloon"Shop: Lenankamp, Kaku
Treasure: Toran Basement, Dwarves' Vault
Loot: Red Soldier Ant, Soldier Ant, Robot Soldier (spear)
Half Helmet3300CE9Shop: Dwarf Village, Antei, Kirov
Treasure: Soniere
Loot: Death Machine (spear)
Head Gear6500C14Shop: Antei, Warrior's Village
Treasure: Qlon Cave
Loot: Mad Ivy, Grizzly Bear
Full Helmet13200E20Shop: Warrior's Village
Treasure: Neclord's Castle
Loot: Grave Master
Silver Hat27000C27Auto-heal +5Shop: Gregminster #2
Loot: Queen Ant
Horned Helmet43000E35Treasure: Gregminster Palace
Loot: Elite Soldier

Body gear

Robe100LVR1Shop: Gregminster #1
Loot: Holly Boy
Tunic200LV2Shop: Gregminster #1, Rockland, Lenankamp
Loot: Bandit (green)
Leather Coat700LHV4Shop: Gregminster #1, Rockland, Lenankamp, Kaku
Treasure: Magican's Island
Brass Armor1000LH5Shop: Lenankamp, Kaku, Dwarf Village
Treasure: Grady's Mansion
Loot: Ghost Armor, Empire Soldier (sword #4)
Guard Robe1700LVR7MAG +15Shop: Kaku
Treasure: Dwarves' Trail
Loot: Kobold (mage)
Karate Uniform3000LV10Shop: Kouan
Treasure: Dwarves' Trail
Loot: Slasher Rabbit, Dwarf
Leather Armor5900LH14Shop: Kouan, Dwarf Village
Treasure: Lepant's House
Loot: Veteran Soldier (spear)
Half Armor8700H18Shop: Dwarf Village
Treasure: Panna Yakuta
Loot: Dragon
Magic Robe15000LVR22Shop: Antei
Treasure: Dwarves' Vault, Scarleticia
Loot: Holly Fairy
Ninja Suit22000LV28SPD +5Shop: Antei, Kirov
Loot: Viperman
Dragon Armor37000LH34Shop: Warrior's Village, Kirov, Gregminster #2
Loot: Dagon
Master Robe78000VR37Auto-heal +5Shop: Gregminster #2
Treasure: Seek Valley
Loot: Sorcerer
Full Armor57000H45Shop: Warrior's Village
Loot: Clay Doll
Taikioku Wear80000V48SPD +10Treasure: Moravia
Loot: Rock Buster
Master Garb93000LH55SKL +5Treasure: Shasarazade
Loot: Earth Golem
Windspun Armor120000H63SPD +20Treasure: Gregminster Palace
Loot: Ekidonna


Wodden Shield300S2Shop: Rockland, Kaku
Loot: Kobold (sword)
Steel Shield7300S13Shop: Kouan
Treasure: Panna Yakuta
Loot: Death Machine (sword)
Chaos Shield32000S27Shop: Kirov
Treasure: Shasarazade
Loot: Devil Shield
Earth Shield68000S45Shop: Gregminster #2
Loot: Magic Shield


Wodden Shoes100MFN1Shop: Gregminster #1
Loot: Fur Fur
Leggings200MFN2Shop: Rockland
Treasure: Mt. Seifu
Gloves300MFNK2Shop: Rockland, Kaku
Treasure: Mt. Tigerwolf, Panna Yakuta
Cape400MFNK2Shop: Lenankamp, Kaku
Circlet600FN3Shop: Lenankamp
Treasure: Mt. Tigerwolf
Boots800MFNK3Shop: Kouan
Treasure: Mt. Seifu
Gauntlet1700MFN4Shop: Kouan
Treasure: Great Forest
Shoulder Pads2000MFN4Shop: Kaku
Treasure: Lepant's House
Loot: Bandit (yellow)
Blue Ribbon1150FN6Shop: Kouan
Treasure: Dwarves' Vault
Loot: Beast Commander
Necklace1200K7Shop: Elves Village
Loot: Kobold (bow)
Emblem2700MN8MAG +10Shop: Kouan
Loot: Veteran Soldier (bow)
Fur Cape2800MFNK8Shop: Dwarf Village
Loot: Death Boar
Star Earrings12000FN8Auto-heal +5Loot: Hell Unicorn
Feather2000MFNK9Shop: Elves Village
Treasure: Dwarves' Trail
Loot: Roc
Toe Shoes2800MFN9Shop: Antei
Treasure: Toran Basement
Loot: Holly Spirit
Silver Ring5500FN11Shop: Kirov
Loot: Strong Arm
Silverlet7000MFN11Shop: Kirov
Treasure: Qlon Cave
Loot: Shadow
Mangosh21000MFN12SKL +20
Counter-rate up
Loot: Devil Armor
Rose Brooch7000N13Shop: Antei
Loot: Shadow, Shadow Man
Cape of Darkness8500MFNK13Shop: Warrior's Village, Gregminster #2
Treasure: Neclord's Castle
Loot: Ninja
Speed Ring13000MFNK13SPD +15Loot: Mirage
Wing Boots10200F14SPD +10Shop: Gregminster #1
Loot: Ninja
Power Ring14000MFNK14PWR +20Treasure: Gregminster Palace
Loot: Colossus
Guard Ring8500MFNK15Shop: Antei, Gregminster #2
Treasure: Shasarazade
Loot: Grave Master
Power Gloves20000MFN16PWR +15Treasure: Dragon's Den
Loot: Wyvern
Silver Necklace6000K17Shop: Kirov
Treasure: Soniere
Loot: Demon Hound
Goldlet19000MFN18Treasure: Dragon's Den
Loot: Gigantes
Earth Boots22000MK18Treasure: Neclord's Castle
Loot: Phantom
Crimson Cape32000MFNK21Treasure: Qlon Cave
Loot: Ninja Master
Gold Necklace17000K25Treasure: Seek Valley
Loot: Kerberos

Wearable List
Character equipment classes:

C: Cap E: Helmet
L: Light Armor H: Heavy Armor V: Vest R: Robe
S: Shield
M: Male F: Female K: Kobold N: Nobility

<Hero>CLM KaiCVM MinaCLF
AlenELSM KamandolEVM MooseCLM
AnjiCVM KanakCLM MorganCVM
AntonioCVSM KasimELM MoseELM
BlackmanCHM KasumiCVF OdessaCLF
CamilleCLF KesslerCHM PahnCVM
CleoELF KimberlyCLF PesmergaEHSM
CliveCLM KirkeCLM QuincyCVM
CrowleyCRM KirkisCLM RonnieCVF
EikeiCVM KreutzEHSM RubiCLM
EileenCRF KrinCVM SansukeCVM
FlikCLSM KuromimiELSK SarahCVF
Fu Su LuEVM KwandaEHSM SergeiCLM
FukienCVM LeonardoELM SheenaCLM
FumaCVM LesterCVSM SonyaELSF
FutchELSM LepantCLSM StallionCLM
GenCLM LiukanCRSM SydoniaCVM
GonELSK LorelaiELSF SylvinaCRF
GremioCLM LotteCLF Tai HoCVM
GrensealELSM LucCRM TedCRM
GriffithELSM MaasCLM TengaarCRF
HellionCRF MaceCLM ValeriaELSF
HixELSM MeeseCLM VarkasEHM
HumphreyEHM MegCVF ViktorCLM
JuppoCVM MiliaELSF WarrenELM
KageCVM MilichCLSN Yam KooCVM