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Flowchart for all choices, luck points and other parameters.
The bar on the right side of the text box is your Luck Point meter, any choice marked with Luck +x will fill it with x boxes.
You can never have a negative amount of points, so when it says that the choice leads to negative points, e.g. Luck -4, you must have at least that many points to pick that option otherwise it will be grayed out.

There's also 2 types of points that aren't visible to you but can effect the game in some ways, like who makes a cameo appearance.
The two are Popularity Points and Secret Points. The Companion Points from Vol.1 are no longer used.

Episode 1: Pride

1. Maki
I'm just wandering the Grasslands.Popularity +1To 2.
Yeah, I came from the City-States.Secret +1To 2.
2. Courage Tested
I-I wouldn't say that...Popularity +1To 3.
A-actually...Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 3.
3. Knife Throwing
Don't move.Popularity +1To 4
Move a hair to the right.Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 4.
Move a hair to the left. Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 4.
4. Eilie
Your sister is really beautiful.Secret +1To 5.
Isn't it tough, living as travelers?Popularity +1To 5.
5. About The Alliance Army
Why'd you join the Alliance Army?Popularity +1To 6.
I was in the City-States, around that time.Secret +1To 6.
6. The Keepers Of The Flame
Go with Camus and Miklotov.To 7.
Go with Gijimu's gang.To 7.
7. Counteroffensive
Come to think of it, I've got a talisman...Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 8.
Everyone! Run!!Popularity +1To 8.
8. Before The Final Battle
Check on Maki.To Episode 2.
See how the village is doing.To Episode 2.

Episode 2: Caleria

1. Lena Suphina
What's a Temple Guard like you doing here?Popularity +1To 2.
Give me a break, you're not my older sister.Luck +1To 2.
2. Jailbird
Damn you, you sold me out!Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 3.
Come to have a laugh at my expense...?Luck -4
Popularity +1
If Popularity = 7: 0 LP.
To 3.
3. The Guard
Take the initiative and make the first strike.Secret +1To 4.
Smooth-talk my way through.Luck +1To 4.
4. Soldier Transporting Supplies
Hide behind a pillar and wait for them to pass. (Receive potatoes)To 5.
Proceed along the hallway on the right.To 6.
5. Hallway
Head down the hallway on the right.To 6.
Go straight ahead.To 10.
6. Cafeteria
Forage for food.To 7.
Leave the place quickly.To 8.
7. Someone Comes Into The Cafeteria
Leave at once.Luck +1To 9.
Look for some more food.Luck +1To 9.
8. Aided By The Woman
Why did you cover for me? (Recieve Ham)To 9.
Any food left? (Recieve Ham)To 9.
9. Leaving The Cafeteria
Leave through the dining room.To 12.
Go outside from the kitchen door.Have potatoes: Luck +1
No potatoes: No change
To 10.
10. The Kobold
Are you hungry?Popularity +1To 11.
You're not the only one.Secret +1To 11.
11. The Garden
Pass through the inner gate and go further in.To 16.
Enter the door of the building straight ahead.To 12.
12. The Barracks
Room 104.To 16.
Room 109.To 16.
Room 116.Fed the Kobold: To 13.
Didn't feed the Kobold To 17.
13. Someone's Coming
Hide in the closet until he leaves.Luck -1To 14.
Escape through the window.To 14.
14. Doctor's Office
I'm dead tired.To 16.
Let's talk for a bit.Popularity = 9: To 15
Popularity = less than 9: To 17
15. Aisha
I'm sorry, I must've made you worry.To 16.
No, actually...Luck -1To 16.
16. Wang
Use the Flaming Arrows talisman.Luck +1To 17.
Use a knife.Luck +1To 17.
Beg for my life.To Episode 3.
17. Wang
Use Grosser Fluss.Luck +1To Episode 3.
Beg for my life.To Episode 3.

Episode 3: Wild Dragon

1. My Spidey Sense Is Tingling
It's just my imagination.To 2A.
It's not just my imagination.Luck -10To 2B.
2A. Futch
I see, so this is a dragon...Popularity +1To 3A.
This is a dragon!?Secret +1To 3A.
3A. The Maid
Who was that girl earlier?Secret +1To 4A.
Can you make me a sandwich?Popularity +1To 4A.
4A. Oulan
That's idiotic! Stop!!To 5A.
Who's that!?To 5A.
5A. Nash's Response
I guess so...Popularity +1To 6A.
I'll pass.Secret +1To 6A.
6A. The Night Before Slaying the Dragon
Go after Humphrey.Popularity +1To 7A.
There's no need for me to go.Secret +1To 7A.
7A. An apology
Well, things just happened this way.If Secret = 9 or more: To 8A.
If Secret = 8 or less: To Last Episode.
It's Oulan who got me into this...If Secret = 9 or more: To 8A.
If Secret = 8 or less: To Last Episode.
8A. Wild Dragon
I'm gonna have to go with Futch...Popularity +1To Last Episode.
Defeat the dragon by yourself.Luck -9To Last Episode.
2B. Meg And Millie
Talk to the One in Green.To 3B.
Talk to the One in Blue.To 3B.
Don't talk to them.To 3B.
3B. What's Going On?
What's happening, Viki?To 4B.
What's happening, Millie?To 4B.
4B. Yuzu
Seek an explanation from Meg.To Last Episode.
Seek an explanation from Millie.To Last Episode.
Seek an explanation from Viki.To Last Episode.

Last Episode: The Final Truth

1. Stella
You little brat!To Ending.
Be a good girl and give me the letter.Popularity +1To Ending.