Suikogaiden, Volume 1
One disc.

Japan Spring 2001
USA Not Released
Europe Not Released

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Nash at last reaches his destination, Crystal Valley.
[Final Episode]

Nash at last reaches his destination, Crystal Valley.

01 02- Lena comes in search of him, with tidings of Zaj's reappearance and the uproar it's causing. She's been in a rush because she's been eluding surveillance. As for the commotion, Zaj is SUPPOSED to be dead. They go to a secluded place to talk.

03 - Lena and Nash Talk.

      Harmonia's Political Structure

      While the absolute leader of the nation is Hikusaku, he's not been seen in at least the last few decades, so rumors of his death have cropped up. The day-to-day functions of the nation are done by the nobles. Harmonian politics are split into two factions - the Temple and the People. The Temple faction which is dedicated to Hikusaku as the true leader... and the People's faction which seeks to separate the Church and State, so to speak.

      The Truth of that Fateful Night....

      Nash at last tells Lena the story of what happened that night, the night before Zaj and Yuuli were to wed. Zaj had been masquerading as a noble named Zaj Quleros. The fact that Nash had trained in the Guild was not known to Zaj, and proved to be his undoing. Nash had sent a tissue sample to his former teacher in the Howling Voice Guild - Master Sauro. It had taken a while but Sauro had proven that Nash's father had been poisoned. This was done to destablize the "People's Party" which the Latkje family was the core member of.

Lena then parts ways with Nash. Nash is worried that he will be noticed, however Lena tells Nash that she's got someone keeping things surpressed. It's the first time she's made it known her true affiliation with the Latkje family. Of course Nash finds it hard to imagine anyone except for Hikusaku to keep that in force, unless...

04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 - Along the way he meets a mysterious girl, Stella, with a letter for him... now if only he can get the letter away from the little brat. When he finally does, he finds out he's supposed to go to a church.

13 14 15 16 17 - Lena gets a surprise visitor. There's apparently some friction between the government and the Gunner's Guild. Certainly Sasarai thinks they're getting away with too much. Sasarai suggests that no more aid be given as Zaj wields more power in the Guild than even Sasarai first suspected. Sasarai fears the toll should Guild and Temple come into direct conflict. However, Sasarai doesn't go so far as to order her NOT to aid Nash. Sasarai however does relent so far as to do Lena one more favor, but at great cost. A price which Nash will also be obligated to pay.

18 - The church is located near the slums where the 'third class citizens' live.

19 - On the rooftop, awaits his nemesis.

20 21 22 - Now... to get UP to the rooftop... he's going to have to get past some gunners... They're only Apprentice Gunner Class, since they're rather inept...

23 24 - Nash gains the upper hand. Oh well... 5 apprentice class gunners, gone the way of the Dodo....

25 26 27 28 29 - The final confrontation begins. Aaaah! Zaj has a gunblade! Just kidding... it's the gun, Talgrund.

30 31 - Flashback to the interrupted conversation between Yuuli and Lena... Yuuli is truly hopelessly in love with Zaj.

32 33 34 - The fighting continues. Zaj uses mind tricks to try to keep Nash unbalanced.

35 - Nash slips and hangs on to the ledge for dear life. Zaj gets a good hit on Nash's shoulder.

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 - Meanwhile Lena bursts into Yuuli's room. She's made it into this room with Sasarai's help apparently. She tries to pull Yuuli out, but the younger girl is reluctant. Yuuli admits she knew Zaj was just using her... but she still loves him... (How Jillia -esque! She and Jillia would get along well I think!) She gives her cameo to Lena to give to Nash.

43 - Dominguez arrives with the cameo!

44 - It's no holds barred now...

45 - Zaj spills his guts finally.

      Zaj's Past

      To the west of Harmonia, there was once a nation called Sanadier, the land where he was born. Thirty years ago, it was annexed into Harmonia. As the child of a vanquished state, he was raised as a servant by a First Class Family in Crystal Valley. At age 13 he was finally allowed to return home to Sanadier. All his companions had become Harmonian sympathizers. That was the Harmonian way of pacifying a new nation. Zaj however, chose to return and join the Howling Voice Guild. He was too old, of course but was given a chance to prove himself. He passed all the tests of the one Guild in Harmonia that didn't care what class citizen you were. However, the last test... was to kill his own parents. Zaj blames the Latkje family in a major part for this unjust system, since they are one of the most influential families in Harmonia, and by marrying Yuuli, he can gain the influence of the Latkje family.

      Harmonian Caste System

      Pure Harmonians are First Class citizens...Those who have been assimilated for a long time are Second Class Citizens, likewise those citizens of nations that submit themselves peacefully to Harmonia are considered in this class. Then finally come the third class citizens who are treated as sub-humans. These are nations who warred with Harmonia and subsequently lost. Grouped with recently subjugated peoples are the lycanthropes of the Grasslands and beasts (like Kobolds).

46 47 48 49 - Is this the end?

50 51 - Not yet!

52 - It's over.... You won Nash.

53 - After idle talk about Dominguez, Nash comments that Yuuli used to keep the picture of the person dearest to her in the cameo... but now it's empty. Lena tries to convince Nash to go see Yuuli. Nash says that Crystal Valley is no longer his home.

54 55 - Nash tells Lena not to move and throws a knife at someone in the shadows. Lena turns around to see who it was and then turns back to see Nash is gone.

56 - Where is he going to now?

    Ending #1

    57 - The End...

    Ending #2

    58a 58b - The End...