Suikogaiden, Volume 1
One disc.

Japan Spring 2001
USA Not Released
Europe Not Released

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Help Humphrey, Futch, Oulan, and Sheena stop a wild dragon from terrorizing a village.
[Episode 3]

Actually the title should be 'stray dragon' but it doesn't match with the title Konami gives a dragon without a knight, so I've fixed the titling.

Nash is just at the edge of Crystal Valley. He's starving after his escape from Kaleria... he thinks there's something suspicious momentarily....

This chapter, like the previous volume of Gaiden, has a major branching point in this chapter. You can go in one of two directions, depending on the LP you have. 10 LP is required to take the back route...

01 02 03 04 - Nash finds some weird critter... too large for a gecko... hm... what is it?

05 - What are you doing with bright?! Nash's tummy rumbles.... You aren't planning on eating him are you?

06 07 08 - Let's go Futch. Wait up Humphrey!

09 - Food at last!

10 - Jonah

11 12a 12b - the maid and innkeep

13 14 15 16 - Nash heads outside with a sandwich... he finds Futch and Bright. He apologizes for earlier as does Futch... Bright wants Nash's sandwich!

17 - Futch tells Nash why he's going to Crystal Valley - to see if Bright really is a dragon.

18 19 20 - Humphrey tells Futch they are going. Villagers have seen Bright and are terrified of the dragonet.

21 22- Bright becomes agitated over something. A wild dragon, coming in to attack the town.

23 - Futch doesn't want people to kill the dragon. He's told to stay out here with Bright.

24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 - Nash and Humphrey join the villagers in the attack. Nash tries to organize the citizenry.

34 35 36 - Things look grim until a female warrior appears and promptly beats up the dragon with her fists.... Man Oulan is terrifying.

37 38 39 40 - At the inn, Futch comes in and suddenly the villagers want to kill poor Bright.

41 42 43 - Sheena then runs in to tell the innkeep that Jonah has been taken by the dragon.

44 45 46 - Oulan comes in and recruits everyone to help kill the dragon... You're treated to dinner by the innkeep but Futch goes upstairs not wanting to hear the conversation.

    47 - If you follow Humphrey up.

    48a 48b - Stay downstairs with Oulan and Sheena

49 50 - Lena and Yuuli talk about Nash, when someone they thought was dead suddenly reappears into their lives.

51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 - Meanwhile the group heads up the mountain to face the young dragon. Futch finds out this dragon does things it shouldn't be able to - belch flames at fairly adult frequency and mysterious glowing orbs that steal people away - leaving only Futch and Nash.

    61a 61b 61c - Futch gets serious now... and tries to kill the dragon. As he prepares to deal the final blow he sees Bright has come in... The two dragons converse for a bit.

    63 - The lights reappear to reveal a mysterious beautiful world... the "World of wings and scales" the home dimension of dragons.

    64 - Everyone is returned to safety...

    65 66 - Nash parts ways with Futch and Humphrey.

    62a - Alternative ending, Nash uses Gross Fluss to kill the dragon. He tells Futch to flee the cavern because he might end up killing Futch as well. Apparently utilizing the full potential of the blade causes a kind of berserker rage in him

    62b - Nash continues on his sad journey while Futch mourns.