Suikogaiden, Volume 1
One disc.

Japan Spring 2001
USA Not Released
Europe Not Released

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The Bearers of the Flame attack, and backstory is given about Camus, Miklotov, Rina, Eilie, and Bolgan.
[Episode 1]

It has been 3 months since the end of the Dunan Unification Wars. Nash has been travelling through the Grasslands for 2 weeks. He is low on supplies so decides to stop at a village. Festivities are about to start at the Milleto Village.

01 02 03- At first he meets a young Grasslands maiden.

04 - Things sure are festive

05 06 - Hey mister, yeah you with the blond hair....

07 08 09 - Ladies and Gentlemen, and now for the event you've all be waiting for!

10 - She doesn't seem to have such a sure hand today... but don't worry I've got good medicine.


12 13 - Camus and Miklotov

14 15 16 - Hey, thanks for earlier...! Let's go enjoy the festival!

17 18 19 20 21 22 23 - That's... not a caravan.... The Lampdragons have been sent here on assignment by Gustav. Bandits attack! The Lapdragon Trio and the Knights are ready. Eilie is told to take the villagers to safety.

25 26 27 28 - But all paths lead to a confrontation with the leader of the "Bearers of the Flame" bandit group.

    "Bearers of the Flame"

    Vivi Chan's Note: Since people seem to be taking this story as FACT, I'll make it VERY clear. This is according to Nash who ISN'T even sure if he believe this story or not. Konami has NOT confirmed the story in any way shape or form. It's simply a in-story 'Grasslands legend'.

    According to Nash, earlier in the game there's a tale in the Grasslands that some 60 years ago, there was a Grasslands group called the "Bearers of the Flames". They were very powerful, with the strength to fight head to head against Harmonia. The group snuck into Crystal Valley and stole a true rune. With the power of the 'True Fire Rune' their leader became the 'Fire Hero'. However, the he disappeared some 50 years ago. Nash seems to treat this legend as a kind of curiousity, because he doesn't quite believe it.

29 30 31 32 33 34 - Oh crap, run! He's getting ready to use a really high level spell!

35 - Damsel in distress

36 37 38 - "Maki?" "Camus?!" - The scroll that Nash throws to Camus, unfortunately, isn't powerful enough to protect both of them.

39 40 41 42 43 44 45 - How is he?

      Maki and Camus

      Apparently Maki and Camus are something of childhood friends... Her parents were traders that would often come to the his home village, within the jurisdiction of the Free Knights of the Nation of Kamaro. When he joined the Matilda knights, he'd more or less lost contact with her. She'd heard rumors of his joining, and assumes that he fought against the Alliance Army, although she'd also heard Camus had lost his knighthood.

46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 - Unfortunately, she learns that Camus had left the knighthood to join the Alliance Army... suddenly she doesn't seem so warm to him anymore.... Likewise, village head, Clad, is NOT happy to have the former Alliance Army people in the village. The chief of the village calls them 'pillagers'. The bandit leader also said something similar. From Maki, they learn that 6 months earlier, Alliance Soldiers had attacked the village. Outside a thong of villagers chat out their displeasure to the shock of the former Alliance soldiers.

Back inside... Nash explains what he thinks happened - the Matilda knighthood maintained the stability of the area, however with the fall of the Knighthood at the hands of the Alliance Army, opportunistic people turned to theivery. They learn from Maki that Clad is the lapdog of the thieves. He had planned to tithe to the thieves, but the bandits had attacked before that. The heroes are convinced that the bandits will strike irregardless of if they recieve the tite.

It now is a time for action and they hatch a counteroffensive. The Lampdragon Trio and the Performers are sent off to prepare. Camus and Miklotov are told to relax until it's time.

    54a 54b 54c 54d - You go to check on Maki, and end up offering to chop wood for her so that she can brew some tea for Camus, mainly because he doesn't quite trust her, wondering if she'll pass word to the chief... instead you end up listening in on Camus reminiscing.... and get caught at it...

      Camus and Miklotov

      Camus, is in doubt about the decision they made to leave the knighthood. Miklotov asks Camus if he remembers when they'd taken the qualification exams to join the knighthood. Camus of course remembers and says that it was the first time he'd ever seen any man THAT uptight and nervous. Camus had come with a reccomendation from the Free Knights Alliance, so he couldn't fail... especially with a sparring partner with as much hard to control spirit as his. Miklotov places the same blame on Camus... after all whose fault was it that they hold the longest record for the entrance examination sparring match? Camus is blaming himself for the woes that have befallen Maki's village, however Miklotov tells him that even though they no longer have their badges, they still have their pride. There are good things and bad things in life, and they must strive to do right for the rest of their lives.

    55a 55b 55c - If you got to look around outside, you meet Rina who tells you a bit about their past.

      Rina, Eilie and Bolgan

      The conversation started out innocent enough but Rina begins to talk about how as children, they were eager to show their tricks to other children... but when the sun set and the children's parents found them, they would drag their children hom, because of the rumors that performers would steal away children to train them into more performers. Because Eilie and Rina were children, the people would think they too had been stolen away. Rina learned card reading from her mother, and Eilie learned knife throwing from her father at an early age, so that if (as her father put it) "there ever came a time when you are alone, you can survive,". Their parents were killed by bandits, and the two little girls had to make their own living by performing. One day a circus came to town, and they were hired on as new acts. They met Bolgan at a circus. He had been introduced as the son of the circusmaster yet he performed the firebreathing act and did all the dirty jobs. However, had it been known he had been bought by the circus, they would have been arrested anywhere within the City-States. Eilie and Rina had planned to run away with Bolgan... however Bolgan had replied thusly: "I will someday return the money, then I will come back to this city and then we can travel together." He didn't know why he'd been sold but he felt honourbound to repay them. It took him several years, but finally he came back.

56 57 - Maki gives Camus a present, an apparently magical dagger that once belonged to her father.

58 59 60 - The confrontation is well on its way to its finale... Having accepted the tithe, the 'fire hero' tries to kill the village head. They denounce him can call him a false 'Fire Hero'.

61 62 - Hey! look who's here to lend a hand! He had just stopped by for the purpose of buying souvenirs for his wife and son at the festivities. What bad luck!

64 65 66 - During the final confrontation, Camus throws the magic dagger to seal the fake "Fire Hero's" powers.... and Knight's Unite attack for good measure...

      The False Fire Hero

      SO... for all you people that were hoping that the Fire Hero, the people in Tinto were talking about was a hint for Suikoden 3? Sorry! But the Fire Hero mentioned by the people at Tinto is the FAKE one! Anyways, back to the story....

      Kouyu, curious to see who this guy is, removes the mask. To Miklotov and Camus's shock it is Gorudo's former right-hand-man. Krant of the White Knights, a weilder of fire runes like Camus was. He had fled when Rockaxe fell, or so the rumors said.

67 - Nash makes his way towards Kaleria.... Maki, Camus and Mik watch him head off.