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Flowchart for all choices, luck points and other parameters.
The bar on the right side of the text box is your Luck Point meter, any choice marked with Luck +x will fill it with x boxes.
You can never have a negative amount of points, so when it says that the choice leads to negative points, e.g. Luck -4, you must have at least that many points to pick that option otherwise it will be grayed out.

There's also 3 types of points that aren't visible to you but can effect the game in some ways, like who makes a cameo appearance.
The three are: Popularity Points, Secret Points and Companion Points. Companion Points are gained by seeing cameo appearances of characters from Suikoden II, the character you meet is in the paranthesis along with any requirement or bonus.

Episode 1: The Visitor

1. Sucking Blood
We agreed that you wouldn't suck my blood!Popularity +1To 2.
Knock it off, you old bat!!!Luck +1To 2.
2. Let Sleeping Bats Lie
When she's quiet... she's kind of cute...Popularity +1To 3.
Hey! Don't sleep on top of me, you old bat!!Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 3.
3. Maiden's Intuition
If you say so.Popularity +1To 4.
'Young maiden'? You're alarmingly old.Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 4.
4. Window Key
I'll be counting on you then.Popularity +1To 5.
I'll come along and save you the walk back.To 5.
You can give me your room key, too...Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 5.
5. Midnight Intruders
Turn over the bathtub.To 6.
Move the mirror.To 7.
Wait and see what the enemy does first.To 7.
6. Desperate Plea
Please! I'm begging you!!!To 7.
Hurry up and just do it, you old bat!Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 7.
7. The Undead
Weíd better run away for now.Luck -4To 8A.
Use a 'talisman'.Luck +1To 8B.
8A. Ayana
I can't allow myself to be careless.Luck -1To 9A.
Help her.To 9A.
9A. Battle With Ayana
Sierra takes priority right now.To 10.
Trick her...Luck +1
Popularity -1
To 10.
Buy some time by pretending to give up...To 10.
8B. The Butler
Buy some time.To 10.
Attack with my darts.To 10.
10. Old Friend
Could you at least tell me his name?To 11.
Just how old is your 'old friend'?To 11.
Is he... an 'old lover'?To 11.
11. Rean Penenberg
Check my equipment.To 12.
Rely on the swords on my back.Luck -1
Secret +1
To 12.
12. Why Do You Fight?
I want Sierra back.Popularity +1To Episode 2.
I just don't like your attitude!Secret +1To Episode 2.
It's for the sake of justice!Luck +1To Episode 2.

Episode 2: Reasons

1. Meeting Templeton
I'm Nash.Popularity +1To 2.
My name's Nash Latkje.Luck -1
Popularity +1
Secret +1
To 2.
I don't give my name to kids.Luck -2
Companion +1
To 2.
2. Streets of Muse
I'll continue my stroll along the main street.Luck -3
Companion +1
(Popularity = 3 or more: Annallee)
(Popularity = 2 or less: Hauser & Luck +1)
If Annellee to 3.
If Hauser to 4.
I'll head down one of the less crowded alleys.Luck -1
Companion +1
(Secret = 2 or more: Clive & Secret -1)
(Secret = 1 or less: Shiro)
To 4.
3. Annallee
You're from Harmonia, aren't you..?Popularity +1
Secret +1
To 4.
The hem on the back of your skirt is...Popularity -1To 4.
4. Nanami's Cooking
Pay it no mind, just eat it.Luck +1To 5.
Decline after all.Luck -3
Luck +4
To 5.
5. The Border
Talk the gatekeeper into letting me pass.To 6.
Wait until nightfall.Luck -2
Companion +1
To 6.
6. Inside the Tent
Don't move a muscle.To 7.
Look around the tent until things blow over.Luck -5
Companion +1
To 7.
7. Jowy
It's not polite to talk like that, you know.Secret +1To Episode 3.
Do as you like.Luck -2To 8.
8. Jowy's Future
What are you going to do when you get back?To Episode 3.
Well, see you around.Luck -2
Luck +1
To Episode 3.

Episode 3: A Place To Return To

1. Collapsed Bridge
Be bold and try to jump across.Luck -10To 2A.
Take the detour along the valley.Luck +1To 2B.
2A. Hoi
Ignore it, and buy the horse.To 3A.
This is way too suspicious...To 3A.
3A. Wakaba
Well, why donít we travel together?Popularity +1To 4A.
Iím sorry to hear that...To 4A.
4A. Ayda
What... are you doing?To 5A.
Isnít that water... cold..?To 5A.
5A. Fork In The Path
Try the left path.To 6A.
Continue along the right path.To 7A.
6A. Another Fork In The Path
Try the one on the right.To 7A.
Stay on the left-side one.To Last Episode.
7A. Yet Another Fork In The Path
Continue along the right-hand path.8A.
Give the left-hand path a try.To Last Episode.
8A. And Yet Another Fork In The Path
Continue along the path on the right side.To Last Episode.
Letís try taking the path on the left side.To Last Episode.
2B. Elza
Pull the trigger and fire a dart.Luck -1To 3B.
Slip a flashbomb into my hand.To 3B.
Slip a throwing knife into my hand.Luck -1To 3B.
3B. Fighting Elza
Use a talisman...Luck -1To 4B.
Pretend to give up...Secret +1To 4B.
4B. Elza's Past
Nevermind, itís nothing.To Last Episode.
That incident... was that really your doing?Luck -3
*High Popularity negates LP check.
To Last Episode.

Last Episode: War's End And Beginning

1. In A Crowded Place
Try to somehow make my way through the crowd.Luck -1
Companion +1
To 2.
Give up on moving forward.Luck +1To 2.
2. Helping Greenhill
Lend my strength.Popularity +1To 4
Try to escape somehow.To 3.
3. Shin's Request
Okay, I'll lend a hand.To 4.
That's something I can't consider.Popularity -2To False Ending.
4. Canopy Defense
There's no choice, I'll try to do it myself!To 5.
Damn, isn't there someone who can...Luck -2
Companion +1
To 5.
5. Teresa In Danger
If Teresa were to be struck now...To 6.
Come on! Don't get hit!Luck -2
Companion +1
To 6.
6. Ambush
Reinforcements?!If you met Kahn or Stallion: To 7.
If you didn't meet Kahn or Stallion: To False Ending.
Who's there?!Luck -3
Companion +1
To 7.
7. Nina's Invitation
I guess so...Popularity +1To 8.
I'll pass.Popularity -1To 8.
8. Teresa's Determination
Don't do it!To True Ending.
Are you really going to do it..?To True Ending.