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How to get all CGs in the game.

There's a total of 138 images to collect, most will just appear as you play through the game, but some will require you to make a certain decision, travel a certain path, have enough Luck Points, Popularity etc.

If you're missing one, look it up in this list to find out how to get it. Too avoid cluttering we have removed the 'common' images that will appear in any playthrough.

You may need to consult our flowchart to find the correct path. "Path" shows you the scene you need to be at or the last one before the scene that's effected.

Episode 1: The Visitor

#006Scene 7Choose "Wed better run away for now."
#008Scene 1.Choose "Knock it off, you old bat!!!"
#009Scene 2.Choose "Hey! Don't sleep on top of me, you old bat!!"
#011Scene 4.Popularity = 4 or more
#012Scene 4.Popularity = 3 or less
#013Scene 7Choose "Use a 'talisman'."
#014Scene 8A.Choose "Help her."
#015Scene 7Choose "Wed better run away for now."
#016Scene 7Choose "Use a 'talisman'."
#017Scene 7Choose "Use a 'talisman'."
#018Scene 7Choose "Use a 'talisman'."
#028Scene 11.Choose "Rely on the swords on my back."
#038Scene 12.Popularity = 5 or more

Episode 2: Reasons

#041Scene 2Choose "I'll continue my stroll along the main street."
Popularity = 3 or more
#042Scene 2Choose "I'll head down one of the less crowded alleys."
Secret = 2 or more
#050Scene 6Choose "Look around the tent until things blow over."
#062Scene 7Choose "It's not polite to talk like that, you know."
#063Scene 7Choose "Do as you like"
#064Scene 8Choose "Well, see you around."

Episode 3: A Place To Return To

#069Scene 2BChoose "Pull the trigger and fire a dart."
#070Scene 2BChoose "Slip a throwing knife into my hand."
#071Scene 3BChoose "Use a talisman..."
#085Scene 4BChoose "That incident... was that really your doing?"
#086Scene 4BChoose "That incident... was that really your doing?"
#097Scene 5AChoose "Right" path twice.
#101Scene 5AChoose "Right" path twice.

Last Episode: War's End and Beginning

#111Scene 2Choose "Lend my strength."
#112Scene 2Choose "Try to escape somehow."
#120Scene 4Choose "There's no choice, I'll try to do it myself!"
#121Scene 4Choose "There's no choice, I'll try to do it myself!"
#122Scene 5Choose "Come on! Don't get hit!"
#125Scene 6Choose "Who's there?!"


#133True EndingJump the bridge in Chapter 3
#134True EndingSecret Points = 6 or more
#135True EndingPopularity Points = 8 or more
#136True EndingLuck Points = 8 or more
#137True EndingCompanion Points = 7 or more
#138True Ending