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Hang out in Muse, and watch some illuminating backstory to Jowy's plotline in Suikoden 2.
[Episode 2]

2 3 4 5 - At last, Nash reaches Muse. The guard stops Nash, asking for his entry permit. Apparently Nanami and company just got caught trying to use someone's pass. Templeton is impatiently waiting for the 'old fart' (Nash) to get through the gate. Nash explains to the guard he's travelled from harmonia and therefore doesn't have a pass. He's permitted through. Templeton catches up with him and talks to him. Templeton notes that Nash seems to have a 'northern' accent and asks if Nash is Harmonian. Nash is a bit surprised and fumbles for an excuse saying he's stayed in Harmonia for a while and might have picked up the accent. Templeton states he wants to visit Harmonia.

05b 05c - When Templeton asks you for your name, if you chose not to give him your name, Kinnison appears, inquiring if anyone has seen his wolf (Shiro). Templeton answers that he's seen the wolf possibly in the back alleys of Muse.

6 7 8 9 - Templeton and Nash agree to share rooms to split costs, so they head towards the inn. At the bar, Nash sees two men drinking. Flik and Viktor. The two (especially Viktor) is talking about Annabelle like they know her personally. Nash can't decide if it's just drunken men talking boldly or if they do know her. He stands near Viktor, trying to snoop. Viktor accidentally elbows Nash and knocks him out. Templeton watches over Nash to make sure he's fine. Nash discovers that Templeton has met them all over the place. Templeton seems a bit surprised to find them here in Muse. Recovered, Leona, suggests that you look about town. Depending on how many luck points and your previous behaviour any of four events can occur.

1) 10 11 12 - If you chose to wander the back areas, you might run into Clive. Who sneaks up on you and shoves the barrel of his gun against your back. He says not all the elders have forgiven Nash for what he's done. I got Clive when I chose to say Nash's full name.

2) 11b You might find Shiro wandering the back areas. If you met Kinnison, you will find Shiro and not Clive.

3) 10b - If you have enough luck points to go to the main streets of Muse, you will bump into Hauser (-3 LP).

4) 10c 10d 10e 10f - You can be mean to Sierra twice (You can call her an old hag twice to collect luck points) but you must be nice to her the remainder of the time. Instead of Hauser, you will run into Annallee.

    10g - You can choose to ask her if she's Harmonian. Whereupon she is pleasantly surprised. Until she notices you have blond hair and she asks if you're a "first class citizen" - apparently only a first class citizen has blond hair. Nash comes up with a lame excuse... I can't remember what offhand, something about his mother. Note: He used to be a "first class citizen" but was demoted due to some incident. Likely the one related to the Howling Voice Guild.

    10h 10i - If you chose to say something about Annallee's skirt Hanna comes to beat you up and Annallee runs away crying.

13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 - You run into Pilika in the main streets. All the above scenarios will lead to this one. You scare her at first, but she's very kind to you and makes Nash smile. He calls her a very strong girl, because she can still be kind despite all she has seen. Next think you know, you're run over by.... Nanami who offers to treat you to some food for taking care of Pilika.

21 - Nanami asks to borrow Leona's kitchen and stuff... for some reason Leona and Pilika seem a bit.... concerned. Why?

22 23b 23 - Before you can figure out why, Nananmi is back with her stew. She's /quick/. You can try to weasle out of tasting her stew, but she calls you on your lie. You appease her by telling her you'll take one bite....

24 25 - But it only takes one bite.....

26 - When you recover, Templeton tells you there was a letter left outside. It's Nash's orders. He's ordered to find out about the "beast rune". He tells Templeton he'll be gone for a few days.

27 - You head down to settle your portion of the bill. You see Nanami, Pilika and two boys. Nash asks what's up, and Leona says they're off for some errand.

28 28b - At the border you can either choose to pay the guard a 1000 potch bribe or... try to wait till nightfall. If you try to wait... someone else will come by as well.

29 30 31 32 33 34 35 - Finally you make it to the highland camp. Nash steals a uniform, and finds himself guarding the supplies, when guess who shows up?

36 - You scout out a likely tent. Apparently the two boys have been noticed. There's alot of noise outside. You can either wait it out and sleep or continue to investigate this tent if you have enough Luck Points. 36b - No Nash, that is not the beast rune....

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 - You move on to a more likely tent. Only to find that you've invaded the tent of the Princess Jillia. You serve her tea, and try to worm your way out when.....

45 46 47 48 - Luca Blight storms in complaning about that 'Sow holed up in Muse'. The throws the sword at Nash and tells him to clean off the blood.

49 50 51 - Luca grows furious at Jillia and says he would have killed her if not for her resemblance to her mother.

52 53 54 55 56 57 - Rowd comes in with the captured Jowy.

58 59 60 61 62 - Luca is just estatic when he recognises Jowy as the brat from the Fort. Ironically, Jowy really has become a spy. Luca threatens Jowy's family, even though Jowy has been disowned. He tells Jowy to assassinate Annabelle. Rowd meanwhile is hoping for a reward... only Luca's so scary that he decides not to and just scurries out with Jowy.

63 - Nash is assigned to care/feed Jowy. Jowy grows angry, thinking Nash won't believe his story.

64 - If you choose to hear his story.... Nash has a flashback to Yulie and he frees Jowy.

63b 63c 63d 63e 63f 63g- If Nash doesn't free Jowy... Jillia does and you're in deep doo-doo

65 66 67 - Nash sees Hero 2, Nanami and Pilika waiting for Jowy. Nash wonders if something happened to Jowy when... he finally appears.

68 69 - Finally, Dominguez shows up! Nash wants his money!