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Follow Nash as he travels the countryside with Sierra, meeting Kobolds and Vampires. And maybe getting a little vampy action.
[Episode 1]

2 3 - Ooomph, unwilling porter for hire? You start out mid-journey. You are two days away from reaching Muse. You have been in the company of a primmadonna, by the name of Sierra. She is your only lead as to the nature/presence of true runes. It looks like Nash isn't happy with her either.

4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - You meet a Kobold family on the road. The kids are fighting over a wooden figurine and it falls in front of Sierra. Sierra demands that you throw it back quickly. The Kobolds thank you and drive away.

11a - What happens if you call Sierra an old woman... (1 LP gained)

11b - What happens when you persist in calling her an old woman (1 LP Gained)

11 12 - A servingman greets you at an old estate. Nash informs the servant that Sierra said they could stay here for the night. He lets you in

13 14 - You feel so much better after a bath.... and you meet a cute maid named Ayana

15b - If you've been nice to Sierra

15b - If you've been flirting with Ayana, or mean to Sierra (calling her an old hag and generally crossing her at every opportunity)

16 17 - Late at night you are attacked.... by the Undead...

17b 17c 17d 17e 17f 17g 17h - If you try to run, Sierra kicks you downstairs where you have to face... Ayana. You find she's killed the Kobold family you met earlier... You kill her at last with the Kobold wooden figurine. Sierra told you to toss it back quickly because it was a holy figurine and it made her uncomfortable.

18 19 20 - You must fight the servingman who is a vampire.

21 22 23 24 - Nash packs gunpowder against the door. Nash learned how to make Gunpowder because he was involved with the Howling Voice Guild. He did not stay in training long enough to be 'chosen by a gun'

25 26 27 28 29 - Sierra recounts how she met Rean. Cursing her change, Sierra fled with the Moon Rune deep into a forest. There she found a hut with but a single window and no furniture. There she hid for years upon years, staring out the window... until one day, a young knight stumbled upon her place. He was injured... and asked her to find out if his mistress was still alive... Sierra found the carriage and all the people there, dead. Rean curses the heavens with his dying breath about not being able to protect his princess... Sierra, gifts him with her curse. He disappears for years, and she waits for him to return... Finally he does. And they live happily in the cabin for years and years. As time passes, more and more people come to the forest to seek their deaths, and Sierra gifts them with her Curse, and the Blue Moon Village is founded. However, a young initiate, Neclord, steals the Moon Rune. The people of the Blue Moon Village can only wait to die, or flee trying to avoid their deaths. Rean was one of those that fled, sustaining himself with the blood of mortals.

30 31 32 33 34 35 36 - Sierra tries to stab Rean, she is about to use the Song of Evanescence to destroy his soul... except that Rean steals her blood and renders her unconscious. Rean wants Sierra to stay with him, there in that manor forever.

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 - Nash must fight Rean alone. He's getting quite a thrashing. Their fight is taken outside.... he manages to retrieve Sierra.

45 46 47 48 - Rean is angry and tries to choke Nash.... things look grim until suddenly Sierra attacks Rean. Sierra uses the Song of Evanescence. Before Rean dies, he tells Sierra that he only desired to return to that cottage with Sierra......

49 - If you've been mean to Sierra she things of stealing your blood as you sleep.

50 - Sierra leaves without Nash to continue her Journey. She apologises in her mind to Nash. She only knows of the Moon Rune, and nothing else because she has been in that forest for so long.