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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A member of the Tribe of the Furious Roar, Cougar accidentally fell through a Gateway into the Hero’s world at Ladzaa Fortress. He is subsequently discovered by the Order stationed there and escapes. The Hero, who was in the area doing reconnaissance, manages to rescue him from his pursuers. The Hero takes him to a doctor, and offers to allow Cougar the use of the Gateway at his own castle to return home. However, this isn’t possible, as one can only leave another world through the Gateway they entered from. The Hero allows Cougar to stay with them until he can reach his home.

Cougar feels a great deal of kinship with the Hero, who was unconcerned with the fact that Cougar was beast-like in appearance. He accompanies the Hero to Naineneis, as the Porpros-kin there had a dislike of humans, and helped the Hero assault Ladzaa Fortress. From there, Cougar was able to return to his home world, and there, battle a group similar to the Order, who was trying to resurrect the One King.

After the 9th fusion occurred, the Hero noticed that the Tribe of the Furious Roar appeared in the new area to the west of the Ch’olui mountains, but none of them knew Cougar, even King Diulf, whom Cougar claimed to be acquainted with. It wasn’t until the Hero obtained the Chronicle of the Furious Roar that he understood what happened. Cougar’s world was destroyed by the One King, and fused with the Hero’s world. The Hero also received a vision from the Chronicle of Cougar’s death.

When Dirk attempted to alter the location of the 11th fusion, he used the power of both the Tautau Chronicle and the Furious Roar Chronicles to do so. The Hero briefly saw an image of Cougar as he did so. - Matt620