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Star: Tenhei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The leader of the Blades of Night’s Veil, Chrodechild is an expert swordswoman who commands the Blades, a brigade of the Magedom of Janam. Chrodechild, like many of the blades, is originally from Astrasia, and was in fact the Princess Royal and heir to the throne. However, two years prior, the Order had attacked Pharamond, using their advance knowledge of natural disasters to cripple Pharamond’s army. After the King perishes, Chrodechild’s father, Chrodechild left the kingdom.

Chrodechild serves the Magedom in the hope that it’s large army can be used to reclaim her home kingdom. She causally rebuffs the advances of the Mage Emperor to become his fourth Empress Consort, and is cordial with Asad, her ally-at-arms.

Chrodechild is dispatched to the Hero’s castle when the Order advances from Grayridge, and aids him in repelling the order. She accompanies the Hero and Marica to Janam when they meet the Mage Lord to formalize their alliance, but does not accompany them to the Mage Lord himself.

The Blades are involved in the attack on Ladzaa Fortress, and when the Blades are chastised for not living up to expectations, while the Hero’s Company is praised, Chrodechild commends the Hero for seeing through Danash’s plot to pit the two company’s against each other to compete for favor. She reminds everyone that their enemy is only the Order, and although friendly competition with the Company was fine, they should not allow their pride as swordsmen to make them forget their place as soldiers.

Chrodechild and the Blades are thought as traitors when Ladzaa falls, as they were not inside the fortress when it fell. They were taken back to the Magedom in chains. However, Chrodechild escapes and joins with the Company, who also severs ties with the Magedom, and return to the Hero’s castle, where they discover that they became Starbearers.

Chrodechild serves as a high-ranking commander of the Company’s forces, and is eager to reclaim Pharamond when Liu proposes the course of action. When she returns, she realizes she must face her younger sister, Fredegund, who wields her father’s sword, Divine Edge.

Chrodechild is upset, as only the King is allowed to wield that sword, but she continues the assault on Pharamond and faces her sister again, where her own sword is realized to be a piece of Divine Edge, as well as a False Chronicle. She defeats her sister and reclaims Pharamond.

When Diadora attacks Pharamond, Chrodechild attempts to repel her, causing her to get sucked into the Ravine of Infinity with the Hero and Liu. With the aid of Lao-Kwan, they escape and return, they repel the Order’s army from attacking Pharamond.

After the liberation of her home city, Chrodechild continues to serve until the Order is defeated. After the fall of the One King, she returns to the city and is crowned Queen. - Matt620