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Star: Chiketsu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War, Second Fire Bringer War, Island Liberation War, Fall of Koolu

Position: Runemistress

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Jeane is a mysterious runemistress. No one knows her age, origin, or past, and all who try to find out never get any clues.

She has been around for hundreds of years, showing up in history books all over the world. Her first known appearance, although she was already referred to as 'famous' at this point, was in the Island Liberation War, where she was recruited by the Islanders from the rune shop in Na-Nal. Next a few years later she showed up as the runemistress in the Kooluk town of Haruna, where Kyril recruited her to defeat the Patriarchal Faction.

She makes her next appearance in the Queendom of Falena during the Sun Rune War, where after operating the Sol-Falena rune shop, the Godwins use her expertise to try to execute their plans, to affix the Sun Rune to the young Princess Lymsleia, an attempt which proves unsuccessful. She does, however, manage to affix the Twilight Rune to Alenia, a decision which proves unwise. However, she switches sides, being recruited into the rebel Prince's army from the rune shop in Lelcar.

For an unknown reason, she has some interest in the ruins of the Ancient Armes Kingdom, located northwest of Rainwall. First, she leads the Prince through the ruins to retrieve an item from an altar in the depths of the ruins, but refuses to reveal what the item is. Soon, she returns to the ruins to venture down with the mysterious Eresh (whom she knows well), down even deeper through the ruins, and defeat the even-more-mysterious guardian of the ruins, Shepcesska, apparently with the hope of awakening some memories in the girl. This proved false, and no more light was shed.

She then went north to the Scarlet Moon Empire, where she had a shop in Antei during the Gate Rune Wars, but then she moved to Greenhill to teach runemastery at the New Leaf Academy. Although she helped in defending Greenhill from Rowd, she fled after Greenhill fell and returned to a shop in Two River that she owns, and then joined the Dunan Unification Army. Fifteen years later, she shows up in the Grasslands for the Second Fire Bringer War, being recruited into the Fire Bringer from the rune shop in Brass Castle.

Not only is she perhaps the object of the most speculation of members of the Suikoden fan community, but she also puzzles characters in the games themselves, such as Futch and Apple, who see her in many wars, and are amazed at how she does not appear to age. She is not the bearer of a True Rune, which puzzled Lilly when she tried to find one on her in the bath. Even some of the most renowned private investigators in the world, sent to find out more about her, either simply come back empty-handed, or come back empty-handed and awestruck by her beauty. The latter could perhaps be explained by her possession of a Charm Rune, which gives her control over members of the opposite sex. One wonders if she carries it around for a reason.

Apparently, she has a 'true form' which is not visible to humans, and she wishes to keep it that way. She is at least under the impression that the dog Koroku can see her true form, and tells him to keep it a secret (a joke, for sure, seeing as Koroku can't talk). Rania, an expert at hearing and interpreting sounds that nobody else can hear, comments that Jeane has many sounds (as opposed to one that she observes for most people), that are very pure and beautiful. Thus, the mystery of Jeane continues. Its further unravelling (as well as that of her outfits) is expected with each installment, with the promise that her secrets will one day be revealed. - KoRnholio