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Star: Chifuku

Origin: Seika

Events: Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War, Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Vice-Strategist

Born: IS 443

Death: N/A

She was a student of Mathiu Silverberg and is highly compassionate. She helped Viktor's mercenaries fight the Highland army; but due to inexperience, and the vast power of Luca, she was unable to be very effective. She later became vice-strategist to Shu during the Dunan Unification campaign. After that, she started travelling the world with Sheena, and later Caesar Silverberg; to follow in the footsteps of Mathiu, who she was writing a book about. Somewhere along the line she was married and divorced to an unknown person. After finishing her book, she opened a school in her hometown. - Blue Moon, KoRnholio