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Star: N/A

Origin: Gregminster

Events: Succession Wars, Jowston-Scarlet Moon Wars, Kalekka Incident, Gate Rune Wars

Position: Emperor

Born: IS 406

Death: N/A

Called the "Golden Emperor" he was the hero of the Succession Wars who saved Toran from the tyrannical rule of the usurper [Geil] Rugner. Barbarossa was the crown prince; but [Geil], Barbarossa's uncle, pushed a motion through the court to remove Barbarossa's right to the throne while Barbarossa was away fighting Jowston in the Dana area; this action triggered the Succession Wars. Barbarossa's force was small in the beginning, but with the aid of the Six Great Generals and [Leon] Silverberg he was able to defeat [Geil]; despite the death of his wife, [Claudia]. After he became Emperor he showed that he was a capable administrator by his benevolent rule; but when Jowston attacked again, and public opinion was anti-war, he approved [Leon]'s plan for the "Kalekka Incident". Also, he started to change after he hired the court magician, [Windy]; [Windy] looked like [Claudia], but Barbarossa also sensed the sadness within her. He allowed her to manipulate him to the point of destroying his own empire; however, in the end he realized the folly of his love for [Windy], and leapt from the height of his palace with her in his arms.

Note: He has no death date because he is officially missing, not dead, along with [Windy]. - Blue Moon