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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Fall of Kooluk


Born: IS 275

Death: IS 309

Miranda is the beautiful wife to the Crown Prince [Martin], who is next in line for the Kooluk throne. They both love their daughter, [Corselia], dearly.

However, [Martin] is vigorously committed to his job, and usually chooses to be away from home, in battle or otherwise on officialy duties. [Iskas], the leader of the Patriarchal Faction, saw this, and was able to seduce her, in hopes of getting to her daughter. She left home, and travelled with [Iskas], all the way up to the final showdown at the Secret Patriarchal Facility.

As [Iskas] makes his last stand, Miranda sees her chance to pay him back, and stabs him, severely injuring him. However, he is able to retaliate, and kill her, in front of [Corselia]. - KoRnholio