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Star: Tenritsu

Origin: Alseid

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Cleric

Born: IS 389

Death: N/A

The chief cleric of Lunas, the elf Isato is the right-hand man of Oracle [Haswar]. Isato originally hails from the hidden elven village of Alseid, but became a priest in Lunas. He first meets the [Prince] when he is taking [Lymsleia] to be purified. He serves as a guide for the [Prince] and shows him around Lunas. He is quick to chastise a priest for speaking foully to the [Prince], and believes that [Haswar]'s wish that she not become Queen take precedence over the wishes of the other priests.

Isato serves [Haswar] because she protects the river of Lunas, which has heavy deposits of gold in it, from being mined by the greedy nobles. Because mining of the river will ruin Alseid, he needs to protect it and, no matter the protests of his elven comrades, not return home. Because Isato believes so strongly in protecting the rivers, he is quick to punish [Lun] and [Logg] for mining the gold dust, despite the fact that they did not ruin the river by themselves. He agreed to [Sialeeds]'s plan because the Oracle thought it was a good idea and because Raftfleet would punish the two anyway.

Isato plays host to the [Prince] after the Godwin attack on Sol-Falena, and, at the Oracle's request, leads them through the elven path to Barows territory. He stays as [Haswar]'s assistant, even though an elf from his homeland, [Urda], insists he come back home to stay out of the human conflict. But since he believes his duty is to [Haswar], he always refuses her insistence. [Haswar] eventually decides to leave Lunas, though, wanting to join with the [Prince] and be a mother figure, even if she can't replace [Arshtat] or [Sialeeds]. Isato agrees to come with her.

After the war, Isato returns to Lunas and continues his duties as [Haswar]'s right hand man. He only returns home to Alseid once more in his long lifetime. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins with [Haswar] and [Urda].

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