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Top 5 Favorite Games/Series

  • Mega Man X SNES series
  • Mega Man NES/SNES/PSX series
  • King of Fighters '98
  • Dynast Warriors 3/4
  • Wild Arms 1/2

Favorite Character
McDohl, a true hero!
Oulan, defender of weaklings!

KFCrispy was recruited by Suikosource to be a Moderator for the many forums and later became an Administrator as well. He spends much too much time on the boards periodically throughout the year, particularly when he has nothing better to focus on. He very much enjoys the storyline and characters but primarily works on researching and analyzing on gameplay aspects. He likes to analyze stuff and discuss theoretical ideas, most of which are not practical at all, especially because with the right amount of preparation, there is nothing too challenging in any Suikoden games.. >_<