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Isidore du Chatillon
[email protected]

Top 5 Favorite Games

  1. Dragon Quest 8
  2. ROTK 2
  3. Wizardry 1
  4. Ultima 4
  5. Tear Ring Saga
Isidore is a cat. He is one of the tech support staff at Suikosource, but he helps out with translation when he has time. He lives in Ohio and works for the automotive industry as a butler.

Isidore has lived in Ohio for many years and no longer remembers where he originally came from. He has a vague memory of carrying rocks on hand carts while being watched by rich kids. He has been a fan of Suikoden since it first came out in the USA back in 1996. His debut in the internet Suikoden community was back when Usenet was still a popular medium for communication.

In his spare time, he likes to bake cookies and make traditional Japanese confectionaries. He also likes to dance, karaoke, and desecrate shrines and anger the local deity.

His favorite character is Sierra Mikain.